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Wally’s World: Featured Adoption


My “In box” is filled to bursting with emails of dogs and cats that are in immediate need of assistance. Some are on the e-list and only available to official rescues, some are emotionally damaged from years of neglect; others are in such bad shape that they can only be saved from euthanasia on a medical release. Just the other day, I received a photo of a dog who had been sitting at county with a broken foot – the email was even accompanied with photos of the bone poking through the skin as he waited for a vet visit.

There are thousands of animals who have extreme stories. Wally is not one of them…

Instead, Wally is a very happy, very healthy 3-yr-old chow-shepherd. I had the pleasure of meeting him this weekend and I found a calm, relaxed pup that is just bursting with love.

He is extraordinarily handsome. He has kind, gentle eyes and thick, black and brown marble fur that is silky smooth.

He’s very tolerant of any new experience (including testing out a new personal flotation device that we asked him to wear) and loves to play. He’s gentle, kind, and seems to get along with everyone – no matter what their species. He’s even been obedient trained! He can fetch, he’s potty-trained, he’s crate trained, and he loves to run on his 3-acres with his foster brothers and sisters.

So, what’s the catch? Why can’t this gentle soul find a home? Well, he’s visually impaired. But you wouldn’t know it unless we told you. He was born without retinas, so it’s something he’s dealt with his entire life – which is probably why it doesn’t bother him at all.

His limited vision hasn’t stopped him from doing everything he wants in life. Wally doesn’t know he is blind – and you won’t either once you meet him.


I envision the perfect home for him as one that has a person who works from home – mostly because Wally deserves that type of owner. I would like to think this person has time to walk Wally each night, even if it’s only for a few minutes, but it’s not necessary. Wally loves to explore and has a nose for new scents. But he’s just as content to go for an evening run with you or cuddle up on the couch and watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones.

The perfect owner will be patient and kind and I hope he can find his perfect owner soon. While Wally is the type of dog that will be happy no matter where he is, I want him to be in a good home, with a good family that he can call his own.

At only three-years-old, he has a lot of life to bring some lucky human. Maybe that human will be you…

If you’re a good, kind, and gentle person searching for a canine soulmate, call Reservation Rewards Rescue and arrange a meeting… I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And if you’re lucky enough to become the mom or dad to this amazing dog, please let me know. I have some special toys and a very cute “Adoption package” that I want to donate to him and his new people…

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