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Texel Guinea Pig


If you’re searching for a beautiful, long-haired guinea pig that is friendly and curious, you can’t go wrong with the Texel Guinea Pig. Their long locks have won the hearts of many a guinea pig fan! Most well-known for their long, soft curls that are all around their body, this is also one of the toughest breeds to keep well-groomed. Their hair can be difficult to brush since it’s very curly and they will need a lot of help in maintaining it, so think twice before you adopt one for a child. 

If you’re willing to commit to the maintenance, the Texel may be the guinea pig for you.

As one of the newest guinea pigs, there is still a lot to learn about them. They originated in England in the 80s and are a result of crossing the Silkie Guinea Pig with a Rex. It only just became recognized by the ACBA in 1998.

 Their cobby-type bodies make them fun to watch and their fun personalities make them great cuddlers as they seem to really love attention. The only thing different about caring for this breed is their unique grooming requirements. They will regularly pick up debris and hay from the cage as they run around, so you’ll want to keep them brushed out each day or they run the risk of having skin problems due to mats.

You’ll need a few brushes for this job. The wire tooth comb will help you keep their curly fur under control somewhat, and you’ll need a brush to help keep the oils dispersed throughout their fur. You will also need to trim the fur around their back end to avoid any entanglements. Usually electric hairclippers are the best way to do this, but you may want to discuss an arrangement with the groomer to help keep their fur beautiful.

Be sure to read Caring for your Guinea Pig for feeding and housing solutions.

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