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Wee Away & Be Gone


Keep the Wee Away and Be Gone with Odors!

I have to tell you that any time I see the words “liquid alive bacteria”, I have images of little bacteria crawling around my home, attacking my pets and my family as I stand helplessly by holding a mop.  But, as it turns out, that image is completely wrong.  Live bacteria is a good thing, because it eats BAD bacteria.  And Wee-Away is chock full of these little creatures.   This is one of the reasons that WeeAWay works so well.

The bacteria in WeeAway has been filtered and cultured.  While that conjures images of little bacteria sitting quietly in an etiquette class, the real image is one of little bacteria being trained in a strict military school.  It’s trained to work with something known as “enzymes”, and in doing so, becomes one of the strongest odor removal and cleaning agents that I have ever had the pleasure to use on my carpet and furniture.

Cat odor is particularly difficult to remove, but WeeAway makes it easy.  Just spray the product directly onto the area and let it go to work!  The natural live bacteria and enzymes work together to eat up the uretic crystals that cause odor, and while we might consider that gross, the bacteria consider it a tasty little meal.  These little bacteria guys also love regular garbage, such as mold, bacteria around trash, septic tanks, and mildew.

Available in a very pleasant-smelling spray form, you simply spray onto the stains, allow to penetrate, and then finish by vacuuming.  For more difficult stains, odors and messes (including diarrhea, vomit, blood and just about everything else), we found that it is THE most effective cleaner for these types of stains.  We spray it in, scrub the area lightly with a small scrubbing brush, and blot dry with a paper towel.  It works and it works incredibly well.

BeGone is also a wonderful product and one that we use here often for a “quick fix” – usually when neighbors are coming by, or sisters that have allergies, any of those types of events where we are simply to lazy to clean everything.  This is another enzyme-based product, but it also contains D-limonene, which is a natural cleaner extracted from the rinds of citrus. (This is the reason why all the cleaners out there on the market now smell citrus-y. ) Not only does it smell good, it’s a healthy way to keep your home clean.  Combined with the power of natural enzymes, this product is a purrfect way to do a quick cleanup before vacuuming to keep your carpets smelling fresh. Simply point and spray, and the foam quickly creates a pleasant smelling and clean home. It is in the form of foam, which works great for quick-cleaning, but you may want to use the WeeAway for more difficult stains as the foam doesn’t penetrate thick carpets. 

Once only available as industrial grade cleaners, BeGone and WeeAway are now available for residential use.  Click here to order or call 1-800-929-0958 and you won’t regret it!  BeGone retails at $13.95 and WeeAway retails at $24.95 and both are well worth the money!

From the Cats:

Hisses & Spits: Well, we have to go back through and mark things again, which creates more work for us!  AND – it dissolves any signs of past marking, so we’re not even sure where we are supposed to spray again!  Sometimes it’s just easier to not even bother to spray…

Purrs: Purring contentedly… well, it is nice to have a clean home!


From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up! We love these products! WeeAway even dissolves the mess of set in stains, and if you have pets or kids, you know that these can be impossible to get rid of – we highly recommend these products!

Drawbacks? Price is a little high, but compared to other cleaners, they are right on track.  You get what you pay for, and we definitely get our money’s worth out of these products!

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