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Simple Solution Advanced Odor Remover Review


As you all know, we spend a lot of time reviewing products. The most recent set of products we had the opportunity to look at were the Simple Solution Stain & Odor Product Line, and I have to say – we were very impressed. We have looked at the Simple Solution product line in the past, and they have not always been our favorites (which is why you are only now seeing this review as we don’t waste your time or ours with negative reviews). But, Simple Solution has truly redeemed themselves in this recent line of products – all of which have been completely updated.

When you have pets, you generally have odors that you need to get rid of and while the same holds true for living with humans, we want our home to be as dog-smell and cat-smell-free as possible. The bottom line is that Simple Solution holds true to its name by not only gently eliminating smells, but eliminating them for good. So, let’s start with the products we were able to look at in our product testing:

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Urine Destroyer

The Simple Solution Urine Destroyer does exactly what it says it will – it’s a fast-acting formula designed to break down urine proteins and dissolve the urine away. Rather than masking the scent, this product completely breaks down the enzyme and destroys the scent forever. It’s safe for use on carpets, hard surfaces, cement (yep, cement) and other water-safe surfaces. It’s also safe for use around children and pets (but we never recommend spraying anything around either species!)

Our notes: Follow the directions – if you don’t completely cover the stained area (and surrounding areas) you may have to repeat. It’s easier to do it the first time. We tested it on cat urine stains that had been on a rug, and after completely dousing the area and allowing it to dry, there was no trace of urine smell on the rug.

Advanced Stain + Odor Remover

We have to say that we love the light fragrances available for this product! Available in Spring Garden and Rainwater Fresh, these solutions are specially developed with a blend of Pro-Bacteria and Enzymes that target specific stains. We were “fortunate” enough to be able to try it out on a carpet stain after our dog became ill and were very pleased with the results. Not only did it remove the odor from the rug, it replaced the unpleasant stench with a very nice, very light fragrance as it worked. Be sure that you follow the directions. We learned that it didn’t take a complete soaking to remove this stain, but it did require a complete dry. The product also claims to discourage pets from repeat marking in the event you’re attempting to destroy a urine stain. While we can’t verify this to be true as we didn’t have the occasion to test it for that specific reason, we can say that given the other claims are true, we believe this claim to be true as well.

We can now confidently recommend both of these products and are very excited to explore the rest of their product line.

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