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Heated Wellness Bed by PetSafe


People often accuse my husband and I of spoiling of our animals.  Personally I think they are just jealous because we have so many neat pet products and they don’t. Take, for example, the newest product out by PetSafe, the Wellness Bed.

This pet bed is not like your ordinary cedar-filled pet bed.  Nope.  This pet bed has a massage unit built into it, along with a heating unit and four-plus inches of foam.

When my favorite Fedex driver delivered the incredibly large box, I had to first figure out where to open it.  I had requested the Extra Large bed for our three very big dogs.  Tristan, the coyote, has some hip problems from the extra weight he’s carrying around (as a result of being mostly lazy).  Cheiss, the mutt, has a missing piece of hip as a result of an accidental, and very unfortunate, collision with a vehicle (my husband’s) and suffers from some joint stiffness after his thirty minutes of Fetch each night.  Roscoe, our Beagle, is suffering from a few mental disorders that remain to be identified.  But, he’s a sweet soul and so we do whatever we can to make his days a little more comfortable.

We were pretty confident that the massage and heating features would be fairly appealing to each and every one of them, that being said, we were interested in who would ultimately gain custody of the new bed.  Tristan is the most dominant, but he’s older, and Cheiss is constantly challenging him.  Roscoe is always in the background playing peacemaker and nursemaid to the loser, and sometimes he can sneak in when the other two are jockeying for position.  I had placed a bet on Tristan winning the bed, but my husband had laid odds on Cheiss taking it over.  As it turns out, we were both wrong. 

The Cog got the bed… 

Cog, for those of you who don’t know, is short for “cat that thinks she is a dog”. Hence, Cog.  In this case, the Cog’s name is Kyra, and she walked right over to the bed, pounced on the massaging coils a few times, then curled up and went to sleep right in the middle of the monstrous bed.

All three dogs and two humans just stared at her, because really – what do you say to a cog?

By day two, the dogs were sharing the bed with the cog. They all love the massaging coils, which has four settings.  The movement is hardly noticeable, unless you’re a dog or a cog, but they seem to really like it.  The heat is an absolute winner.  They all love that feeling of comfort that the heat gives to them.  The cats love it because, well,  that’s what cats love. 

The bed holds up extremely well, also.  The cover is machine washable, and the cord is hidden deep within the bed itself.  It is also wrapped in extra heavy cord to discourage chewing, although if you have a young pup or a chewer, I would keep an eye on the cord just to be on the safe side.  Of course, you should leave all electrical devices turned off when you’re not at home.  It’s much better to be safe than sorry!  As usual, my advice is to treat your pets just as you would treat a small child, make sure all of your cabinets and electrical outlets are completely childproof, keep your pets away from pools, and use common sense when it comes to anything electrical, or anything that has sharp corners or edges, around the house and yard. 

As far as the Wellness Bed goes? The dogs, the cog, the cats and I all recommend its purchase.  I know, I know.  Most people don’t have beds that nice, myself included.  But, come on.  If they were available for people for only $75.00, wouldn’t you buy one?  I know I would!  Doesn’t your pet deserve the same kind of pampering?

From the Dogs:

Growls: Other than keeping the doggone Cog off of our bed, we can’t think of one complaint! 

Leaps of Joy: We love the heat, and the massage soothes our aching joints each evening!

From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up: The cost is reasonable, the fighting is down quite a bit (no one wants to fight after a massage) and everyone is happy, even the cog!   

Drawbacks? Nothing yet… If anything turns up – you’ll be the first to know!  We’ll be placing an order for two more!

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