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Dressing Your Pet for Special Occasions

father's Day from the Cat

If you know anything about me, you know I’m not a huge fan of dressing up my pets. It’s just not something I grew up doing. I’ve spent most of my life with large dogs. Wild breeds, like wolf hybrids and coyotes and big pits and shepherds. To have dressed these dogs up would have been like making a teenage boys wear his hair in pigtails.

But, then I got Bree and Brock, both of whom are very keen on being dressed up in cold weather.  These dogs pull blankets off the couch to cover themselves up when I have the air conditioning too low.

I wrote a couple of stories on pet fashion for several industry publications and during my research, I interviewed Ada Nieves about her pet fashion projects. I learned the New York Fashion Institute even has a course tract designed specifically for pet fashion, and I discovered that I may have been wrong all these years.

There are “levels” of dressing up pets that don’t require you or your pet to look snobbish. And let’s face it – playing dress up can be fun on occasion. And we love the simpler looks for our cats!

We first met the good people of Tino’s Dog Couture at our annual holiday blowout in Scottsdale, during the Christmas holiday. Sitting along the table was a long row of bow-ties – with nearly every shape and color represented.

The first thing I thought was, “I could totally put these on my dogs and cats without feeling like I’m dressing them up.”

So they sent us a few bow-ties to try out. I began with one on my cat and it was so adorable, that I put them on both of my cats (forgive the clashing collars).


There is a time and place to dress up your pets. And now, during every holiday, I make my pets wear bow-ties. I’m actually thinking of putting a little hat on them one day.

I’ll never be the type to dress up my pets, but it’s fun to do on occasion. The bow tie is the easiest way to do this. It simply hooks onto your pets collar, and voila – you’re ready to make a cat video.

If you have a wedding coming up and you want your dog involved, I hope you’ll consider a bow-tie. Easter is another fun time to put these adorable ties on and of course, there is always Christmas.

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