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CellTei Pet Carrier


This month, however, I have opted to move away from the “urinary” issue into one that is much more interesting, and a lot more fun, and even more useful in many ways than some of the other products that the cats and I have reviewed recently.

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The product is a cat carrier, but it is not your everyday cage-like cat carrier, no – this is a very special carrier.  And in order to fully appreciate the many integral functions of this unique product, you must first visit the Celltei website.  Then you must order one of their many different designs – because for me to attempt to explain these features in writing is a rather futile matter. But, as I am always up for a challenge, I’m going to give it my best shot.

When I first received the Celltei Backpack-o-Pet, I was intrigued to find that at first glance, it looked just like a normal piece of carry-on luggage. Well, with one main difference. You see, it was much nicer than the luggage my husband and I usually carry on when we head off on one of our Mexico getaways. In fact, my husband’s comment when I unpacked the carrier from its box was, “Hey!  We can use this on our next vacation!”  And I had to agree.  It was perfect.  The pack can be used as a purse, a hand-carried piece of luggage, or a backpack.  Designed to perform as any of these functions to save your back, it is ideal for transporting pets of just about any size!  OK – slight exaggeration – I mean, I’m not going to get my coyote in there.  Or my very overweight Labrador/Beagle mix for that matter. But, I would get any of my cats in there, or maybe even a couple of kittens (not at the same time as the big cats, of course, because knowing my cats, they would fight). And that’s just the medium sized carrier!

The designers have kindly included the human in their design by adding a detachable cell phone pouch, as well as two side panels which are ideal for storing wallets and ID or credit cards (to pay your expensive veterinarian bills), and perhaps carry important documents (like your pet records).  In addition to the side panels, the carrier contains a back panel for storing whatever you or your pet may need.  Some power bars for yourself, or treats for your pet.  There is plenty of room in this wonderful carrier. 

When I first unpacked the carrier, the panels were all closed up, and the carrier zipped.  And so, to be completely honest, my first reaction was, “How in the world are my beloved kitties going to breathe in this thing?”  And my cats’ first thoughts were, “If you think we’re climbing into that thing, you got another thought coming.”  And so it took a few minutes of exploration before we all realized it’s full potential.  Not only are there dual panels throughout the carrier, a full internal panel that can be Velcro-ed down to expose a mesh panel, but imagine our surprise when we realized the carrier offered air conditioning! 

No kidding…  Air conditioning.  Do you realize how important air conditioning is when you live in the Arizona deserts and temperatures are soaring above 115 degrees?   I’m not joking – there is a secret compartment in the back of the carrier, and in this secret compartment (which, incidentally, is insulated), you can insert an ice pack.  This little ice pack keeps the carrier cool for several hours, which keeps our feline friends nice and cooled during their sometimes-stressful excursions. I’ve had days when I wanted to crawl in there…

But wait – there’s more… Not only does it offer a cooling system, it offers a place to put a water bottle!  Yep – a water bottle for our little guys to get a drink from while they are traveling.  Not that they will drink from it, but at least it’s available to them.  The water bottle works on the same premise as those little puppy water systems you see in pet stores, where the water drips from the bottles.  It fits right onto the inside of the carrier. (I haven’t tried that feature yet, so I can’t vouch for the effectiveness, but it sounds pretty neat!). 

This carrier also has a security leash inside, so when you open up the carrier, your feline doesn’t jump out and run away, which mine all have a tendency to do – once they get past the fear of not coming out at all. 

But that’s not all…  In addition to everything else, the bottom panel of the carrier is actually a plastic tray, covered with a very soft mat that can be removed for easy cleaning, and is machine washable for the occasional accident.  Best of all, the entire carrier is made from micro-fiber – an animal lovers best friend – for easy cleaning. 

And there’s one more interesting feature of this pack.  I mentioned before that it could be worn over the shoulder, carried in the hand, or as a backpack.  Well, surprise! It can also be used as a car seat.  How?  It contains two special loops on the carrier that allows the car seat to strap through so your pets are as safe as you are in the car.  Remember to buckle up for safety! 

Obviously this is yet another product I love.  In fact, we all love it.  As I’m writing this review, four of my cats are fighting for control of the carrier that is lying on the floor near me, which I’ve been referring to as I write.  As Guinnevere lies inside the carrier staking her claim, my newest addition to the family, Kyra lies on top, trying to coax Guinnevere out of the carrier by way of harassment, and Blackie is approaching from the rear – growling at her through the mesh trying to remove her through intimidation.  Socks attempts the more direct approach, lying directly in front of her, attempting to talk her into sharing with him, he’s truly the gentleman of the family.  She turns him down graciously, ever the lady, while still managing to growl at Blackie and Kyra. 

Looks like I’ll have to pick up a few more of these carriers.  The cats love them as much as I do.  Maybe I can get a princess style for Guinnevere, it would suit her, and after glancing through Celltei’s inventory, it looks like they have one available!

From the Cats:

Hisses & Spits: Not a one – but we need a few more – they make great hiding places when we’re not traveling!

Purrs: Purring contentedly… The air conditioning is the best feature – it’s so hot here!

From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up!! While the costs of each carrier varies, the average is around $100 – not much more than you would pay for an old-fashioned cage, and you get so much more with this! 

Drawbacks? Not a one – I’m thinking that Celltei will need to find a way to develop them for large animals – the dogs are already eyeing it.  Maybe one with rollers? I don’t think I can lift my pups…

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