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These toys have quickly become favorites for both me and the cats.  Designed by a company that knows and understands cats, Pioneer Pets has come up with a variety of items that will help your favorite feline stay entertained for hours. We couldn’t choose just one favorite, so read on to find the one (or many) that will best suit your pets!

The Tick Tock Teaser: One of our most favorite toys for a number of reasons.  First, they are sturdy and incredibly well-built.  Constructed of MDF board (a high-quality wood that is broken down and rebound with a nontoxic resin), several cats can play with this toy and you’ll have no fear of it falling apart.  This wonderful little toy entertains on two levels as each time your pet pushes against the top mouse, the bottom mouse will move, creating hours of wonderment for your cats.  Our felines spent hours trying to figure out how it worked, and now they enjoy teasing the newcomer felines with their new found knowledge! It can be found at Pioneer Pet or Amazon for $19.99.

The Ultimate Scratching Post: Many posts claim the honor, but few live up to it.  This is truly the ultimate scratching post.  The cats are magically drawn to it, and it is sturdy enough to use on any surface.  It is also heavy enough for several cats to climb on at once, and ours has been used for more than a few games of tag!  It has a 32″ base that eliminates any wobbling, and is solid top frame that allows cats to play “King of the Hill”.  NEVER declaw your pet! Instead, save yourself some money and purchase this scratching post – we know that your pets will prefer it over your furniture (ours do). This item retails at $59.99 and it’s worth every cent!

The Peek-a-Prize Box: Keep your pet entertained for hours by creating a ‘mini scavenger hunt.” Just hide your cat’s favorite toys in this box, and they will spend hours obsessively searching for them.  Once the cats are able to remove their favorite toys, they will push them back inside a hole and start anew.  Retails at only $29.99 and that includes several toys to hide away inside the box and get you started.  Your cats will love this item!


The Kitty’s Garden Edible Grass Planter: With four types of seed, what cat won’t love this beautiful garden? Each box contains oat, wheat, barley and rye grass that is 100% organic – the box is divided into four compartments so you can see which type your cat prefers. Not only does it look great, it will grow no matter if you have a green thumb or not.  Ours bloomed in only a few days, and the cats had it all gnawed down in a matter of hours.  We just replanted and let it grow again.  This is truly the ultimate garden for kitties and it requires very little light to become a magnificent garden.  Made of a sturdy, non-rotting material, you can’t go wrong with this product.  This beautiful box retails at $9.99 and seed refills are only $4.99 plus shipping/handling.

We applaud Pioneer Pets for creating items that are cat-friendly and beloved by pet parents. They use the right type of products to build a unique and wonderful product line; one that is beloved by all of our feline friends!

From the Cats:

Hisses & Spits: Mom needs to replant the grasses again, but everything else is completely foolproof and we haven’t been able to destroy it yet!

Purrs: Purring contentedly… We love all of our Smart Cat Toys – finally a company that respects our intellect!


From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up! We love these products and await the next round of products that will be arising from this wonderful company!

Drawback? Nothing at all – these are truly purr-fect products…

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