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Ultraviolet Light Purifies Water for Pets

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NatureSpa is a new type of pet fountain that uses UV Rays to clean the water. Now, we haven’t personally tried this fountain, but we do want to let you know about it. 

The Nature Spa Pet Watering Station circulates water through a submersible pump to produce a stream of flowing water for pets. Designed for cats and smaller dogs, the water station offers state of the art UV filtration, a low water shut-off and a blue LED light for nighttime visibility. The patented, simple design operates on low voltage and features an energy saving pump. 

For those who don’t know, UV sterilization is also known as Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). This is a method of disinfection that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA.

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PetAcoustics: Soothing the Savage Beast with Music

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Pet Acoustics

Can music soothe the savage beast? PetAcoustics says it can and after giving it a try, we completely agree. As a calmant, this product is invaluable for dogs, cats, birds, and horses.

Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker Preloaded with Calming Canine Music is a mobile Bluetooth speaker pre-loaded with music designed specifically for sensitive canine ears. Not only is it great for pets, but it’s pretty nice for humans as well. If you’re a fan of classical music, you’ll love having this on throughout the day.

PetAcoustics provided us with a unit to try out on our dogs, which we did (and still do). However, we ended up putting it into our cat enclosure when we brought in a new foster cat and noticed a marked improvement in behavior across the board.

The goal of PetTunes is to keep pets calm. It works during thunderstorms, doorbells, and I think it will change our lives during the hectic holidays.

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Monitoring Your Pet Remotely

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Wearable Technology Technology has come a long way in the past few years, and that's a good thing. Nearly all pet owners agree that the most stressful part of having pets is leaving them when you have to go to work or decide to take a vacation. Thanks to recent boarding facility nightmares (like the one in Arizona that killed dozens of dogs), we no longer want to leave our pets.

Whether you decide on having a pet sitter come in to your home, putting your faith into a close friend or relative, or selecting a boarding facility - there are new ways to ensure your pets are safe and secure.

Lightweight GPS locators, individual activity trackers, hi-def cameras, and motion-activated technology are just a few ways you can make sure your pets are in good hands. Here are a few things you can try to make sure your pets are safe while you’re away.

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ActiveEdge Technology Helps Pets with Pain

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We recently had an interesting new product come in for review and to be honest, I really wasn’t sure how to classify this in the site. It’s sort of a natural product, but it also has a lot of technology behind it. In a way, it has a bit of “new age” in it as well. Ultimately, I am posting it into the technology category, because anything the military is using just seems a natural fit for that category.

The Active Edge Collar is a product designed to improve the quality of your dog’s life. In our case, we tested the collar. This collar is unique in that it’s designed to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, which ultimately helps your arthritic dog move much easier.

It’s hard to evaluate these types of products because other than measuring your dog’s “get up and go” response, they can’t really tell you if it works. So, I wore it myself. For three days. (I really did...)

The results were pretty impressive. Not only did the “general aches and pains” dissipate (almost the minute I put it on), but I noticed a marked increase in energy.

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RemoteLync Protects Pets Against Fire and CO2

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In early July, authorities reported that 14 dogs had died in a fire at a central California boarding facility. In early 2000, a Phoenix facility lost 27 dogs they were boarding due to a fire. Did you know a fire happens every 70 seconds in the US? A fire can happen any time. We love video cameras as a way of monitoring our pets, but if you're like me - you can become immune to the constant audio notifications that often result from a simple hissing of a cat as he passes by his nemesis. Besides, there are just some things cameras can't tell you - like if there is a carbon monoxide leak or if your smoke alarm goes off. Luckily, there are devices created for your home that do allow you to check for these types of problems.

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