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Best Buy Photography Tours

If you've been in the market for a new camera to compete with some of the incredible instagram shots you see of people's pets, you're in luck. Best Buy is now offering free photography workshops for beginners and very low cost (only $50) workshops for intermediate photographers so you have a chance to try before you buy!

For someone who is just learning to handle a camera but who still needs the ultimate in pet photos, this is great news. 

This is a sponsored post. We have received compensation to bring this news to our readers. We only accept these types of posts from companies we believe in, to bring information that we think our readers will enjoy.

Best Buy is now offering Photography Workshop tours!

What are photography workshop tours? They are half-day excursions where you’ll have a chance to work with professional photographs and a camera that Best Buy provides. It lets you conduct 4 individual photo shoots.

For now, these tours will be taking place Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, New York City and Minneapolis on July 28, 2018. But they have other sessions coming up in October and again in January, 2019. 

The neat thing about this excursion is that you’ll be able to test an array of lenses and accessories to really discover what is possible with your new camera. More importantly, it lets you "try before you buy" to make sure the camera you select is up to task for your projects.

They also plan to have free in-store photography workshops for beginners, so if you’ve been waiting to get a new camera, wait no longer!

All of this is possible thanks to the Best Buy Camera Experience Shop, which is like visiting a specialty camera store - in the middle of your local Best Buy. In these areas, they will have expert help and advice in the form of Camera Experience Shop Experts who go through intensive photography training and are all photo enthusiasts themselves. It also gives you access to an expanded assortment of cameras, lenses and accessories that you won’t find in other locations.

Plus you can get hands on with all the cameras and test and try them in the store! Here are the details about the photography workshops: 

NEW Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours - for Intermediates

 - Available in Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, New York City and Minneapolis on 7/28

  • These are half-day excursions where you’ll get the chance to work with pro photographers & our Camera Experience Shop experts to conduct 4 individual photo shoots.
  • You’ll get to test & try an array of lenses & accessories to truly unleash what’s possible with photography, learn to think like a pro & walk away with some amazing photos. 
  • At the end of the day in addition to lunch you’ll get a bag of camera goodies + if you share your photos on social media with the #BestBuyPhotoWorkshops you’ll be entered to win Best Buy gift cards or a dream photography package!
  • The events cost $50 – but you’ll easily make this up with the giveaways, lunch, transportation, and the priceless opportunity to work with pros!

Learn more about signing up by clicking here

Free In-Store Photography Workshops - for Beginners 

Do you want to improve your photo game but you’re not quite ready for the Tours? Start with a free in-store photography workshop!

  • Only 2 hours long, these will cover the photography basics
  • Allow you 1:1 interaction with our Camera Experience Shop Experts to walk through your camera’s settings

Learn more about these photography workshops for beginners by clicking here

Once you’re done, take the next step into the upcoming Photography Workshop Tours on 10/20 and again in 1/19. You can sign-up to be notified when these go live for registration in the fall/winter.


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