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  • Behavior Problems? We have answers.Behavior Problems? We have answers.

    Behavior Problems? We have answers.

    Learn about behavior from our team of experts. Whether you have cats, dogs, reptiles, horses or birds, we can help you learn to live with them. Read More
  • All About HorsesAll About Horses

    All About Horses

    Learn about equine science, whether you're an aspiring rider or a long-time owner, we have the latest in products, breeds, and more. Read More
  • Traveling with PetsTraveling with Pets

    Traveling with Pets

    Be sure to check this section out before you hit the road with your pet! We've got a look at pet-friendly hotels, the guidelines of air, train, bus and auto travel, and much more. Read More
  • All About CrittersAll About Critters

    All About Critters

    Take a look at what it means to have ferrets, rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, and more. Read More
  • All About ReptilesAll About Reptiles

    All About Reptiles

    A look at our cold-blooded friends and discovering how to care for these fun loving creatures! Read More
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  • Life in Arizona: An Environment Trying to Kill You

    Tell someone you live in Arizona and they immediately think about resort life, retirement, year-round golf, moderate winter temps, and sunshine for 350 days a year (even Arizona gets clouds a few days each year).

    The only thing that is better than our daily intake of Vitamin D is our freeway art - we do have some of the most beautiful freeways in the world.

    What people don’t always know, however, is that life in the desert can be a challenge. Mostly because we have the only environment in the world that is actively trying to kill you.

    I’m sure you think I’m exaggerating, so let’s compare your state to Arizona...

    Read More
  • Helping Dogs On Deployment with DogIsGood Purchase

    Some companies just step up to the right thing and Dog Is Good is one of them. This month, they are releasing their newest line, "No Dog Left Behind" just in time for Memorial Day.

    The thing I'm most proud to pen is that 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this product line between May 25-31, 2016 will go directly to Dogs On Deployment.

    This concept is nothing new to Dog Is Good. Each year, they choose a beneficiary who shares similar values and objectives, and which focus on the human-dog connection. Obviously, Dogs On Deployment is one of the most powerful and important missions. This is how it works...

    Read More
  • The Many Benefits of Cat Grasses

    Benefits of cat grassBenefits of cat grassBenefits of cat grassDespite being obligate carnivores, cats still require greens to stay healthy.

    Summer is upon us and that makes the perfect time to grow some grass for your finicky feline. Whether you grow organic oatgrass, wheatgrass, catnip or any other type of cat-centric plant - your cats are sure to appreciate the effort!

    Theories on why cats enjoy munching down on fresh grasses vary. Some experts consider cats’ grazing to be a behavioral trait, while others believe it to be an instinctual response and consider it an important part of their cats diets. But most believe it’s their way of increasing their intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber, to help get all that hair they groomed from themselves moving out of their digestive tract.

    (Grass eating usually equates to more hairballs, so here are 10 Creative Uses for Hair and Hairballs!)

    Whatever the reason for making grasses available to cats, there is no denying that most enjoy some fresh grass. (Failure to provide it means your houseplants are likely to fall victim!)

    Read More
  • 15 Strange Uses for Shedded Dog, Cat and Horse Hair

    If you're anything like me, (and I suspect you are or you wouldn't be reading this) dog, cat and horse hair and fur is an ongoing problem.

    For people like us, shedding "season" is every single day. Long haired cats, short-haired dogs, horse mane and tail hair; there is no shortage of this highly renewable resource!

    So we decided to take on the challenge of finding useful ways to dispose of it.

    Here are fifteen unique (and often a bit disturbing) ways to utilize your pet's excess fur. (And if that's not enough for us, we have 10 more ways to use fur in 10 Creative Uses for Hair and Hairballs and even some creative ways you can use hairballs in this article, 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hairballs!)

    But here are our favorites...

    Read More
  • How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Koi Pond

    I know I’m not alone in slowly assembling a veritable menagerie. Most animal lovers would have a zoo if it were practical!

    But sometimes our pets aren’t excited about making friends with other animals. When it comes to dogs, their natural prey drive can cause some problems in our pursuit of a peaceful co-existence.

    Dogs enjoy chasing cats, pouncing on rabbits, snatching birds out of the air and diving for fish in the pond.

    So can you enjoy other pets if you have a dog? Of course! In particular, let’s take a look at how you can have the koi pond of your dreams without your dog snacking on those beautiful fish.

    Read More
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How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Koi Pond

I know I’m not alone in slowly assembling a veritable menagerie. Most animal lovers would have a zoo if it Read More

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“Sit,” “stay,” “down,” “come” – these are all the usual commands we were familiar with before we brought our dog Sally home. Thankfully, Sally was familiar with them too, and it made the transition easier for all of us. But then, when we turned on the Xbox that first night we realized we were going to have to help her get used to us playing video games.

There we were, sitting on the edge of our seats and looking like we were waiting for something. To a dog who didn’t know any better, well, it looked like we were waiting for her to give us some love! Have you ever tried having a heart-to-heart with a dog about the cost of video game controllers?

The cool thing about training a dog is that you can make a command out of any word or phrase you want, as long as you follow basic dog training ideas and reward, reward, reward. If you’re a gamer and have had issues playing video games with your pup in the room, start teaching them these three commands (or similar commands – whatever works for you) and you’ll be back to nailing those critical head-shots in no time.

1.  "Controller

My husband used this as a joke once when Sally came up to him for some love just as we were getting ready to start a game, and it stuck. To teach her this command we used a gesture and command combination. We would move the controller towards her and simply say “controller.” We didn’t even have to use treats for this one – we just praised her every time she moved away from the area when we used the command. Now she knows that “controller” means “you don’t have to go to your bed, but you can’t stay here.”  I love this one because now that she knows it well, we can give her with love and affection until the very last moment before the game starts. We get our doggy love and our video games too!

2.  "Bed"

Gaming sometimes involves some sort of yelling. If it’s celebratory yelling, it stands to reason that your dog’s going to get excited and happy right along with you. That’s all fun and games until you find yourself with 60 pounds of dog in your lap right in the middle of a game. The way we handled this was to use the “bed” command. “Bed” means “go to your bed,” and she already knew this command, so it was easy for her to figure it out. Fast forward to more than six months later, and we’re lucky if she cracks an eye open to assess the situation before going back to sleep.

3.  "It's Okay"

When you’ve just lost your third one-on-one confrontation with the same player in a row, your tone might get a little…angry. Dogs who don’t know better may think that they’re in trouble. It’s absolutely vital for you to make sure that your dog knows that you’re not mad at them. Giving treats, praise, and reassuring them in comforting tones will usually do the trick. Understand that they may never get comfortable with the noise, and if they don’t, that means you’ll need to tone it down. Dogs are pretty versatile creatures who can adapt happily to a wide variety of lifestyles. Just remember that they need guidance in order to know how you want them to handle different situations.  They can’t read minds, and they can’t jump on the computer and download “What Humans Wish Their Dogs Knew” to their Kindle. Work on those commands patiently and make sure you give them lots of quality time between games!

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