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Wally's World: Featured Adoption E-mail

My "In box" is filled to bursting with emails of dogs and cats that are in immediate need of assistance. Some are on the e-list and only available to official rescues, some are emotionally damaged from years of neglect; others are in such bad shape that they can only be saved from euthanasia on a medical release. Just the other day, I received a photo of a dog who had been sitting at county with a broken foot – the email was even accompanied with photos of the bone poking through the skin as he waited for a vet visit.

There are thousands of animals who have extreme stories. Wally is not one of them...

Instead, Wally is a very happy, very healthy 3-yr-old chow-shepherd. I had the pleasure of meeting him this weekend and I found a calm, relaxed pup that is just bursting with love.

He is extraordinarily handsome. He has kind, gentle eyes and thick, black and brown marble fur that is silky smooth.

He’s very tolerant of any new experience (including testing out a new personal flotation device that we asked him to wear) and loves to play. He’s gentle, kind, and seems to get along with everyone – no matter what their species. He's even been obedient trained! He can fetch, he's potty-trained, he's crate trained, and he loves to run on his 3-acres with his foster brothers and sisters.

10 Possible Reasons Your Cat Is Behaving Badly E-mail

If your healthy cat is suddenly peeing on your bed or spraying in your office, if he's taken to running around at strange hours of the night, or mewing inconsolably all night, there are several possible explanations. Of course, you must always take them in for a vet check to eliminate any possible health conditions like blockages or disease. But health problems have been eliminated and your cat is still acting out inappropriately, here are some possible explanations.

Room Deodorizers

Everyone has probably used a room deodorizer in their home, particularly if they have cats. One of the most common places to put diffusers and other such items are near the litter-box. Avoid doing this! It can cause undue stress on  your cats and even make it difficult for them to use the litter box.

Solve This: Instead of placing a deodorizer or diffuser near your cat's box, try one of the helpful Litter Box Deodorizers on the market. You can also tape live charcoal on the side or the bottom of the box or sprinkle the box with baking soda prior to putting cat litter inside.

How to Make A TeePee for Pets #PAW2014 E-mail

This week, Tractor Supply Company invited us to visit their store and challenged us to create a unique Do-It-Yourself project that would benefit shelter animals.

This is a tougher assignment than you may think for several reasons. First, it’s hard to create something that is easily cleaned, yet still serves a purpose. Second, we had a budget of $25. Third, I’m not very crafty.

But, I accepted the challenge and sought creative inspiration by embracing Arizona's Native American heritage. I decided to make a pet teepee because of it's unique ability to provide shade, calm pets, and mostly because it's different...

After buying all of my supplies at Tractor Supply, I came in so drastically under budget that I even had enough left over from my $25 budget to buy: THREE giant smoked Jones Knuckle Bones for my dogs, as well as a new brush, and I even picked up a bonus project that shelters can use to make money during the upcoming holiday season! (More on that at the end of the article).

How to Choose A Boarding Facility or Pet Sitter E-mail

As much as we hate to leave our pets behind, it's impossible to travel with all of them.

In our case, a pet sitter is called for and we only work with people we have known for years. But that is not always feasible. And let's face it, sometimes we have to go out of town...

A recent tragedy at a boarding facility in Arizona resulted in 20 dogs dying within a few hours due to heat exposure. (Here is the story if you missed it).

So, how do you choose a boarding facility or pet-sitter and how can you rest assured that your dog is being cared for properly?

Here are ways you can avoid losing your pet to a less than honorable boarding facility...

PetsGEEKly: World's First Implantable GPS Microchip E-mail

The world's first implantable pet microchip that is enabled with GPS tracking may be available as early as 2015.

Escape Alert, LLC has just filed the first international patents for an implantable microchip with GPS tracking for pets.The chip is designed to alert owners if their pets have escaped a specified location, and enable them to track their pet's exact location using GPS. This is the first implantable microchip that allows GPS tracking.

Microchips have been available for years and are used in nearly every rescued animal adopted from reputable animal rescues. Currently, the chips used today do not allow location services such as GPS tracking. Instead, animals are scanned by a veterinarian or animal rescuer, and assuming the chip has been updated with the current owner's contact information, the animal can be returned without further incident.

These new chips will not only alert the pet parents when their pet has escaped a preselected location, but will enable the owner to drive right to the pet's location.

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