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Foods From the Sea that Your Pets will Love

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There are plenty of options for sea-based pet food, no matter what your budget. Whether you're having problems affording your ownfood (let alone worrying about salmon and green-lipped musselsfor your pets), or you have a trust fund that allows you to purchase thebest quality and most exotic diet, there is a food that fits your pocketbook. 

For example, catering to the more finicky of felines is a new luxury food from British Banquet from Green Pantry in the UK. Dubbed “World's Most Expensive Cat Food", it features Arenkha caviar, line-caught Scottish Salmon, hand-caught Norfolk lobster and locally-sourced Devon crab. At a whopping $300 per 4.5 pound bag, this is a luxury not every cat owner can afford, but it does make for an interesting topic of conversation.'

There are also plenty of ways to pick up fish heads and tails at your local butcher for pennies. This can make an excellent broth filled with nutrients and fats that your pets will love. 

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4 Bath Salts That May Benefit Your Pets

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We're all looking for ways to improve our lives and those of our pets, and nothing says love like natural care! When it comes to curing dandruff, easing itchy paws, stopping skin irritations and helping pets overcome stress and be more comfortable in their skin, nothing gets the job done like natural salts. 

Your body absorbs the many minerals from these baths through the skin (dermal absorption). There are tons of benefits for people and pets - from relaxation to detoxification. Salts have many other curative effects. 

There are many types of salts out there - epsom, dendritic, Dead Sea, European and Himalayan. So, which bath salt should you choose for your dry-coat, itchy, dandruff-ridden pet?

We take a look at all of them and how to best use them on your dogs and cats. 

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Keeping Dogs and Cats Calm Naturally

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The fourth of July weekend is nearly upon us and if you live in America, you know what that means: fireworks and full shelters.

It doesn’t need to be that way - but if you want to avoid the dreaded fear responses that go along with fireworks, you need to prepare early. Today, we’re talking about calmants, but we want you to understand that your first priority should be microchips and fencing.

We've all been there - dreading the inevitable whining, panting, and usually destructive behavior. Many turn to Acepromazine for dogs or Valium for cats. However, not only do animals tend to not respond to this type of approach, it can actually make the fear even worse. Natural calmants are not only effective, they are very gentle and can help relax your pets.

These are a few of the most effective natural calmants that we’ve found for dogs and cats. We have personally tested each of them and are listing them in order of preference.

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Pot for Pets?

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One of the things you’re going to be hearing a lot about in the pet industry is “pot for pets”.

Now, before we get too far into this, I want to tell you that you can’t run out, get your marijuana medical card, and start dosing your animals. To do so would result in major complications and you could even kill your pets.

Animals react quite differently to this natural remedy and it’s important to understand the pros and cons, as well as how to source and what parts of the plant are valuable. 

That said, let's take a look at a few of the benefits of the hemp plant and it's very important Cannabinoid (CBD). 

Hemp is one of the earliest domesticated plants in existence. It has been around for thousands of years and for many good reasons.

Here are a few facts you probably didn't know about hemp: 

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Herbal Supplements for Pets: Rosemary

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Recently, we’ve seen many pet foods and pet products that include the classic herb, rosemary in their pet food formulations and skin care remedies.

Not only does it smell divine, but it’s been used throughout history for everything from general healing to improving memory.

There is a very good reason for this, as rosemary has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years. It’s official name comes from ros (latin for “dew”) and marinus (greek for “sea”). Literally translated, the name means “Dew of the sea.”

Rosemary contains many biologically active compounds, and today we're going to look at the safety and efficacy of a few of them:

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