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Ever since we put in our cat enclosure, we’ve been searching for the perfect flooring material. We finally found it. Today we want to share with you a look at Flor carpet design squares – a great flooring alternative for stylish, pet-friendly design!

As you all know, we moved our colony of feral and semi-feral cats with us a few years ago. There were a lot of reasons for doing this, but safety was the number one factor. Since we now live in a remote area, we built an indoor-outdoor enclosure for our wilder cats. The outdoor enclosure requires nothing but easy access, fun places to hide, and some nice indoor/outdoor furniture to lounge upon. But our indoor area needed something that the cats wouldn’t be able to tear apart, was easy to clean, was both warm (in winter) and cool (in summer), and still looked nice.

Flor delivered on every level…

Not only have they held up to the abuse our extremely pet-friendly home reigns down on all types of flooring, but they have retained their beautiful colors, held up to sharp claws without snagging, and remain simple to clean. Flor has indeed set a new standard for fashion and utility in our home.

Whether you have cats, dogs, ferrets or kids – this is a perfect flooring solution for kitchens, mud rooms, TV rooms, and more. Any place you need a comfortable, secure surface that is easily cleaned and very fashionable.


One of the problems we used to have with bulky area rugs is that they are nearly impossible to clean. The Flor system allows you to wash one or two squares at a time. No need for heavy-duty washers or tearing up a room to access one small area. Simply remove the carpet square that is soiled, wash and allow to dry. (In Arizona, the square dries in minutes!)

Securing Tiles

Each of the carpet panels are secured using a patented FLORdot adhesive that easily connects the pieces together and not to the floor. The heavy-duty backing on each mat ensures that the squares stay in place. You never have to worry about damaging existing flooring nor do you have to worry about slipping on a rug corner that has come unfastened. The stickers come in sheets that are super easy to install and just as simple to remove (for easy cleaning!).


One of the things I like most about this flooring system is how you can create your own look. We are not as creative as you may think, so we asked their designer for assistance. She put together this amazing look for us that hides hair, stays very clean, and is very cheery! It brightened things up in our little enclosure and the cats have demonstrated how pleased they are with the new layout by being far more active, eating more consistently, and having far fewer spats.

If you're not sure of the look you want, try a few out before you buy. Their website offers a great tool for putting together your own look following FLOR plans or using the "possibility studio".

They also have “ready rugs” that are already created – you select your size and preferred colors. The designs are shipped to your door and all you need to do is follow the pattern you selected.

Do yourself a favor and check out this great new flooring system. If you're not totally sure yet, you can order samples (each one is 6x6 and costs only $2 ea) and see for yourself how great they are. We know you won't be disappointed!

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