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June 28 is National Insurance Awareness Day. This year, let’s focus the conversation on our pets.

Insurance is a hot topic for everyone  these days. Not only do we have to make tough choices for ourselves and our human family, we now have to seriously consider options for out pets medical care. As science and technology improve, so does the care of pets, but these advances are not inexpensive.

It really shouldn’t be that tough of a question. We insure our homes, our vehicles, our jewelry and even our art. Why wouldn’t we insure our pets to make certain they receive the best care possible? Yet, fewer than 1% of our pets are protected by insurance.

We know how important it is to make this decision count. That’s why we worked with Pets Best to come up with a list of the top 10 questions you should ask prior to purchasing pet insurance.

Before you Buy

There are certain questions you should ask your insurer before you purchase pet insurance. Here's the list we've developed:


Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Pet Insurer
  1. How long do I have to wait for coverage after policy is in effect?
  2. Is there an annual deductible?
  3. Can I use any veterinarian I want?
  4. Will coverage be reduced if I visit a specialist or Emergency Vet?
  5. How fast will I be reimbursed?
  6. Is coverage offered for hereditary, congenital, or preexisting conditions?
  7. Do you offer optional coverage for wellness/routine care?
  8. Do you offer a broad range of flexible plan options should my coverage needs change over time?
  9. Do I have to submit 2+ years of my pet’s medical records to enroll or when I file my first claim?
  10. Do you require a veterinary exam prior to insurance?

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

This really depends on your pet, your selected plan, and the insurer you choose. Pets Best reports that their plans range between $10 - 50 per month for routine care and wellness plans and go up to $50 per month.

Does your Employer cover your pets?

There’s a very good chance that your employer may offer pet insurance as a benefit to you! Since 2013, Pets Best has seen an average 21% increase in the number of companies adding pet health insurance to their employee benefits package.

If your employer doesn’t offer this benefit, give Pets Best a call at 1-877-738-7237 or chat with their live help.

They may be able to help!

About Pets Best Health Insurance

Pets Best is a leading pet insurance brand in the U.S., offering flexible and comprehensive coverage for cats and dogs.

When a pet becomes ill or injured, insurance offered by Pets Best allows pet parents to take them to any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world. Pet parents can pay the veterinarian directly and then submit a claim without submitting medical records, unless requested by Pets Best.

Most claims are typically handled by Pets Best within five business days and pet parents will enjoy up to 70 - 100 percent off the veterinary bill after the annual deductible is met.

Before you purchase an insurance plan for your pets be sure you are aware of the pros and cons of each plan. Pet insurance is a multi-million dollar industry and it’s important to understand what you’re getting into and how the plan will best benefit you and your pets.

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