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Shop Cats of New York - A Book Review

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You’ve probably heard about bodega cats unless you’ve lived your life in the Southwest, in which case, let me save you the time of looking it up: Bodegas are small, privately-owned grocery shops in New York. Since rats are a really big problem in the big apple, these store owners often employ the services of cats as a form of natural pest control. In exchange for a warm place to rest their heads, the cats keep rodents from the store.

Some may think having a cat in a grocery store is not a hygienic way of running a business, but the fact is, shop cats keep the stores clear of rats and other nasty critters. And trust me when I say you don’t want to complain about bodega cats (as this yelp user learned the hard way).

But, as we’re about to learn, it's not just bodegas that employ these feisty felines - cats have found employment in all manner of businesses from yoga studios and dry-cleaners to sporting goods stores and herbal shops.

Shop Cats of New York brings these colorful cats to life with spectacular photography and charming short stories about the feline superheroes on New York’s finest stores.

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Dogs & Their People - A Book Review

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Dogs & Their People is a delightful book from Bark & Co that has truly captured the spirit of modern day dog ownership and the amazing bond between people and pets.

The book is filled with inspiring community-sourced photography that are fun to view and resplendent with stories that are even more entertaining to read. Some are from celebrity dogs and others are just from people who love their pets (and frankly, we’re far more inspired by the “regular” folk who go out of their way to make sure their dogs are cared for in some truly creative ways.

This is a coffee table book for sure - you’ll want to leave it out to inspire guests and encourage them to tell you about their dogs. It’s filled with images of dogs, fun quips that every animal lover will relate to, and plenty of humor.

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The Idiot's Guide to Drawing Pets - Review

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If you're anything like me, you would love to sketch out a drawing of an animal that actually looks like a drawing of an animal. Some folks have a natural knack for art. I, sadly, am not one of them. I can draw two things: a dog lying down and a dog sitting up. See what they look like at the end of the article.

So, when I was saw the book, “an idiots guide to drawing pets”, I was intrigued…

This book is a step-by-step guide to drawing pets. It includes easy to follow lessons that break out how to draw fifty types of pets. From the basics comes the fine tuning. The book goes through ways do this and includes things like how to make realistic eyes, shading techniques (including some very helpful info on how to hold your pencils), and even how to capture personality as you move through the lessons.

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Alley Cat Rescue: The Only Book You’ll Need for TNR

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I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive Louise Holton’s new book, “Alley Cat Rescue’s Guide to Managing Feral Cats”. This book is the definitive guide for anyone who works with feral cats in the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) in any capacity. Whether you’re someone who wants to help the cats in your neighborhood, a long-time TNR activist, or a veterinarian exploring ways to get involved. 

To begin with, she titles this book “Alley Cat Rescue's Guide to Managing Community Cats”. But, it is so much more than that… 

In her book, Holton details every aspect of how to TNR a colony of feral cats. 

Thankfully, the nation is finally acknowledging the many advantages of TNR. It’s every cat person’s hope that the antiquated, barbaric, and highly ineffective traditions of the “catch and kill” method will be left in the dust - this book makes it possible by showing how TNR programs have changed the way we look at feral cat colony management.

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Cats on the Job

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Cats On The JobIn honor of National Cat Day, we're taking a look at 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper.

Cats on the Job by Lisa Rogak is a beautiful collection of stories about working cats. This inspiring collection of stories includes stories about cats who do more than sleep and purr.

Cats have long been an important part of the world's history. They've been worshiped by the Egyptians and persecuted by the English, but now we appear to have reached a happy balance with cats who just want to earn an honest living.

Read an excerpt and see some adorable cat pics below!

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