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All About Horses | PetsWeekly

Synbiont Ag Wash Product Review

Surfawhat? Saniwhat?

Well, let’s talk about cleaners for a second shall we? Most cleaners you use contain surfactants. 

What surfactants do is break the surface tension of water, and allows it to wet things more uniformly. The other important part of what they do has to do with the molecular structure.  One end of the molecule is attracted to water, the other to dirt and grease.  This means that surfactants help water grab onto grime, break it apart, and carry it away as you wash.

The washing step is important during disinfection.  If you think about using a public restroom, the antibacterial sanitizer comes AFTER the soap step. This is the same way you are always supposed to clean anything. The cleaning step is extremely important because as I learned the other day that dirt can inactivate bleach!

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A Look at Red Haute Horse Halters

While at Superzoo last year, I met so many wonderful people with great products that it was a bit overwhelming.  I was very excited to see the fun patterns in person that I had seen on the Yellow Dog Design and Red Haute Horse halter websites.  

I have to say meeting Mr. Dempsey was also pretty neat. You don’t expect to run into the company owner at a trade show!

This company has a culture of awesomeness that starts from the top, and it’s obvious when you meet one or both of the Dempsey brothers.

Yellow Dog Design began the Red Haute Horse halter in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2005.  They create their own designs, and make everything in their facility.  They employ local artists and workers, and donate to local rescues.  You can order halters on their website, and find their dog collars in various pet boutiques (or have your local pet store order them for you) and in online stores.  Red Haute Horse/Yellow Dog Design also guarantees their products and a simple contact is all it will take to get you going again should you experience an issue.

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New Pill Paste for Horses Make Pilling Horses Easy

horse at fenceGiving a horse a pill can be a challenge. There isn’t a horse alive who can’t sniff out supplements and medication when it’s placed in their grain, so if sticking your hand in the mouth of a thousand-pound animal doesn’t sound appealing, we have a solution you and your horse will love...

It’s called Pill Paste for Equines. This mint-flavored Pill Paste turns any supplement into a tasty treat. Like the other Pill  Paste products for dogs and cats,  it’s  highly  palatable, covers  any  size  pill,  and  is easy to pinch and mold to wrap  pills  - with  no  stickiness  and  no  mess. It's also very cost-effective with over 50 servings in one resealable pouch!

This all-natural paste contains things that horses love, like dried carrots and cranberries, molasses, mint and rosemary extract. It's a wonderful treat your horse will love and it makes giving your horse a pill a breeze.

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Red Haute Horse Designs for October

October’s themes are Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, and you can find BOTH with Red Haute Horse and Yellow Dog Design.  They have hundreds of designs and colors to make it easy for everyone to find something to love. There are so many holiday styles that the only scary part would be having to choose just one!

Check out our model sporting the “Flower Power” design halter. 

For more lovely pink designs, or delightful holiday prints, head over to Red Haute Horse or Yellow Dog Design.  They’ve got what you need for styling cats, dogs and horses.

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Review of Healthy Horse Hors D’oeuvres

The owner of Healthy Horse Hors D’oeuvres sent me several of their delectable flavors to offer my herd. I say delectable because these darn well smell good enough to eat! The ingredients are human grade, and there are no chemicals so I’d say you can probably try them. Lucky horses get all the good stuff. The flavors that arrived were: Oatmeal Raisin, Cranberry Spice, Carrot Cake, Ginger Snap, Cranberry Mint, Caramel Apple, and Blueberry Muffin.

So the first impression upon opening the package was the wonderful smell. I made the mistake of putting the package close to the turnout while I grabbed my camera, and my OTTB was trying to open the package and sneak some. Upon opening, I was instantly mobbed by the whole herd. They really wanted those cookies. I didn’t want any arguments so I brought reinforcements. The horses got fed in pairs. I also hid the cookies in the feed room.

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