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All About Horses | PetsWeekly

Cashel Crusader Fly Mask Review

We recently received 3 fly masks to review from Cashel. To begin with, I like the packaging. The zippered bag is a good way to store your fly mask for the off season (though we don't have much of one here in Arizona).  It is sturdier than just a thin cardboard box like other masks come in, or a thin plastic bag.  The closest thing to it would be the packaging a comforter comes in.  The front of the board in the package has all the information you need and it is VERY clear what size you have.  The back of the board in the bag has a size guide.  This guide is more helpful than some other brands, as it shows how to measure and what size the measurements correlate to.  This is more exact than going by just weight.  I have purchased fly masks in the past, based on weight, but they did not fit any of my horses.

Cashel has put a lot of thought into sizing and while it's not perfect, it's closer than most.

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For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything You Want to Know About Horses

Horsing around is the best thing in your life.

Your bedroom walls are covered with posters of ponies. You’ve drawn dobbins all over your notebooks in school. When you say “dam”, it’s a good thing, and your favorite cuddle-up blanket just happens to have hooves on it.

Nobody could mistake you for anything other than the horsey girl you are. So why not brush up on mucking out, cooling down, and more by reading “For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything You Want to Know About Horses ” by Christina Wilsdon, illustrated by Alecia Underhill

Whether you have a horse or you don’t, you probably spend a lot of time dreaming about everything equine. That’s the best thing about this book: Christina Wilsdon is horse-crazy, too, and she’s got lots of things to tell you.

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Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time

If you’re still looking for a read that will make you feel there is hope on earth for all of mankind, I strongly suggest you pick up Esther The Wonder Pig.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ll ask, “Why would I want to read a book about a pig?”

But you need to trust me on this (and if you don’t trust me, trust the 800+ five-star reviews on Amazon).

This is a true life tale of two unsuspecting men who adopted what they believed to be a “micro-pig” but ended up turning into a 600-lb sow.

When Esther reached 600 lbs, Steve and Derek realized they needed more property to raise her. Rather than sending her off to a farm, the men made another big decision to buy a farm. 

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Can I Come Over and Ride Your Horse?

There’s a split second of time that exists after every horse owner meets someone new, or is getting to know someone better, that they dread. It’s that second after you mention you have horses and the person’s eyes light up like a princess-obsessed pre-schooler who just learned she’s going to Disneyland.

“You have a horse?!? OH MY GOSH! I rode one at camp/took lessons/rode on a trip once. I LOVED it! Can I (or my kids) come over and ride your horse or can I (or my toddler) come over and pet your horse?”

This happens to me every single time the horses come up in conversation. It’s as common for me as saying “I’m married”(which is inevitably followed by the reply of, “Oh my gosh! Are you Pregnant? Do you have kids? How many kids do you have?”).

I understand people’s desire to bond over commonalities but the question strikes fear into the heart of horse owners, just as much as questions about kids have the potential to upset folks who are having infertility issues or just, gosh darn it, just don’t want kids of their own. It’s a perilous ground you have to tread when answering the question...

Photo by Josh Engroff

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