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Stacy Mantle and her team are highly focused on making easily understood, accessible information available to families throughout the world. They are responsible for a series of very innovative programs that are educational and entertaining.

Popular infographics, videos and other resources are regularly picked up by sources like Buzzfeed and Upworthy.

Learn more about About Stacy Mantle or just take a look at of her most popular posts. We think you'll be impressed and be inspired to let her creativity work for you.


The PetsWeekly Pocket Guide to Pet Food Labels was picked up by Buzzfeed and over a dozen other viral sites, making it one of our most popular posts to date.

Holiday and Creative Posts

We're also quite proud of our viral holiday poems.

Our Mother's Day and Father's Day poems were picked up by major players in social media and all four posts had gone viral within a few hours of posting on Facebook. They remain two of our most popular (completely organic) campaigns to date. These numbers were achieved organically, on a page with only 6,000 likes. This shows the power of engaging, entertaining content.


Facebook Reach
(24 hrs)

New Page Likes
(24 hrs)
People Engaged
(24 hrs)
Mother's Day Cat Poem 2.7 Million 665 153,000
Mother's Day Dog Poem 1.8 Million 523 146,000
Father's Day Dog Poem 1.6 Milion 457 132,000
Father's Day Cat Poem 2.3 Million 514 223,000




Video and Music

The Rescue Rap is a very popular video that received over 20,000 view within a few hours of posting.

Curriculum Development

We have created many lesson plans and informational activity books that are text leveled for use in schools. Our team can help you plan out classroom activities and discover ways to reach younger readers while focusing on responsible pet ownership.

Relaying a Message

Content must relay a message and be of value to be shared. Here are a few things we've done to create value. Learn how we can help you create your own branded material and get your brand message across quickly.

Use the form below to contact us and learn how we can help you.

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Pack Leader / Cat Herder
Author: Pack Leader / Cat Herder
Pack Leader
About the Author is one of the top websites for pet owners. You'll find pet product giveaways, pet parent advice, the latest pet news, with guest blogs by veterinarians and behavior specialists help you navigate the wilds of pet care.


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  • Stacy has represented herself, and in turn, our company very well during her contract with us. Our clients are extremely satisfied with her work and several have already extended her contract . I'd be very happy and willing to continue working with Stacy in the future.
    Roman Dalichow Superior Tech
  • Stacy serves on the National Canine Cancer Foundation's Product Review Board. The National Canine Cancer Foundation is committed to finding cures and new treatments for cancer in dogs, and as part of our commitment, we award companies and individuals who have gone above and beyond in their desire to consider the complete, holistic well being of pets in the operation of their company and within their products and/or services or with their actions as an individual. As a member of this Product Review Board, Stacy is key to making sure we select the proper company and/or product for approval. Stacy is passionate and very diligent in her work on the board and always gives us pertinent information. She has also been a guest blogger and has written several insightful articles. We are honored to have her serve on our board.
    Gary D. Nice Founder and President, National Canine Cancer Foundation
  • Stacy is a hard-working, honest individual who takes pride in a job done well, and on time. Working with her has been a true pleasure.
    Tammy Souch Grammatic Effects
  • Stacy is a dedicated, detail- oriented, trusted and respected writer bringing news and stories about pets to her devoted readers. Stacy has been a pleasure to collaborate with as she is always thinking of creative and unique ideas for promotions as well as solutions to problems.
    Joanne McGonagle Owner, The Tiniest Tiger
  • Stacy is a very talented writer with an amazing ability to write for a variety of subjects from the exceptionally creative to the educationally informative. She has a very creative mind and a passion for animals that shows in all her work.
    Jennifer Allen Owner, Polestar Graphics
  • We worked with Stacy for some PR work for my company Full Petential, Inc. Stacy is a hard-working and detail oriented-partner. She worked with us very closely through the entire process. I was very impressed with her drive and professionalism.
    Dale Greenbury Owner of Full PETential
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