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Critter Facts
Crazy facts about critters

Ferrets seldom cause allergies. People who are generally allergic to cats and dogs don't usually have problems with ferrets.

Ferrets are not usually territorial. They actually get along with other ferrets quite well, and with dogs and cats if introduced properly.

Ferrets do not 'go feral' or 'wild'. A loose ferret will typically die of starvation within 4 days. They have no instinctive knowledge of what is or is not food. They will die within 24 hours of exposure as they can not tolerate freezing weather or heat of 90F. There have been no reports of any feral colonies of domestic ferrets in any of the 48 states where they are legal.

Ferrets are classified as domestic animals, who are completely dependent on people for their existence. They are commonly mistaken for their distant cousin, the wild Black Footed Ferret, which is now endangered. To compare a Black Footed Ferret to a domestic ferret is like comparing a toy poodle to a wolf or a domestic short haired cat to a mountain lion.

In Massachusetts, only licensed breeders and research institutions will be allowed to possess whole or unaltered ferrets.

A group of ferrets is called a "business".

A female ferret is called a Jill and a male is called a Hob. A spayed female is called a Sprite and a neutered male is called a Gib.

The Massachusetts Colonial Navy has a ferret as its mascot.

Ferrets maintain their playful nature throughout their lives and generally live 6-8 years but can reach the age of 10.

Ferrets were given as gifts by Queen Victoria who raised albino ferrets.

Ferrets will never give you a dull moment. They are very inquisitive and playful when awake, but sleep most of the day (16 hours), if allowed to. They easily adapt to their owners schedule and will be awake when they are home and attentive.

Ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years; in fact, on the walls of some Egyptian tombs there are pictures of ferret-like creatures on leashes.

Ferrets have no inherent fear of humans.

A newborn ferret is so small that it can fit into a teaspoon!

All ferret kits have white fur at birth.

After kithood (6-8 weeks of age) ferrets make very few sounds

Ferrets like to crawl into small dark spaces to sleep.

Ferrets are members of the mink family.

Ferrets can sleep so soundly that they cannot be woken up even when picked up and jostled.

A small ferret may be able to squeeze through a hole just over an inch in diameter.

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