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Skunk-Off Eliminates Odor PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stacy Mantle   
Sunday, 28 April 2013 15:06

When I lived in Utah many years ago, I had a German shepherd who somehow managed to tangle with a skunk at least once a week. The attack itself was not as traumatizing as the ensuing series of bath battles between man and beast.  My dad, dressed in heavy welding gloves and armed with cans of tomato juice would bravely attempt to bathe my very large, very unhappy, and very smelly German shepherd. Lance hated (I mean HATED) baths, and so they fought in the backyard – my dad wrestling the dog to the ground in between lunges from the dog as he snapped and gnashed his teeth and alternated between attack and retreat.

My 7-year-old self would hide in my bedroom, begging my dad to stop; pleading and crying hysterically that I didn’t mind the stinky dog. The truth was, I did mind. I minded very much. But I was more terrified that the battle between my dog and my dad – the two things I loved most in the world, would end in mortal injury.

Since that time, the pet industry has rapidly evolved and so has the treatment of angry shepherds who had the misfortune of running across a skunk.  Thankfully, Lambert-Kay has just come out with a much easier way to treat your skunked pet:  Skunk-Off.

Creative Leashes For Your Dogs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pack Leader   
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 19:51

We're always looking for creative and useful products for our pets. These are some of the fun and practical designs in leashes that we have found.

Ruff Leash by Zee.Dog: The highly functional and comfortable Ruff Leash from Zee.Dog uses a unique PU (Polyurethane) spring that is extremely flexible, resistant, and shock-absorbing, paving way for an enjoyable walk with your dog.

The leash is structured with the spring placed closest to the dog, so pressure is rapidly absorbed by the component. The neoprene handle adds for extra grip and comfort. And, let’s be honest… You’ll look really cool with it too. Made for you to get out there and have fun, this product retails for $30 and can be purchased at

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Soggy Doggy Doormat PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pack Leader   
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 04:46

Let’s face it – winter can be tough on everyone. Even in the Southwest, we have problems with keeping our floors clean with dogs tracking mud and water in and out all year. This is just one more reason why you need to run out and pick up the ORIGINAL Soggy Doggy Doormat from Soggy Doggy Productions.

The Soggy Doggy Doormat is an absolutely amazing product that attracts and traps the dirt from muddy paws and dirty shoes before it can reach your expensive carpet and tile. The mat features a special weave to repel stains, dirt, grime, mud, and dust. It magically attracts all of the dirt from paws in seconds and can absorb up to 7 times its weight in water. Amazing...

The Soggy Doggy Doormat is available in a variety of sizes (large is 36” x 60” and medium is 31” x 20”) and colors (khaki, maroon, baby blue, and beige) – all of which look as classy as any other mat you might have in the house. (We want to know if Soggy Doggy Productions can come up with an entire line of wall-to-wall carpeting using their advanced microfiber technology.)

When the mat needs washing (not often – it lasts 4 times longer than other mat you use), you simply toss it in the washer and dryer.
Not only does the Soggy Doggy Doormat look good, it feels good. Our cat has named the super soft, ultra thick mat as one of her favorite napping locations. Your pets will love the way it feels and if they’re anything like ours, you won’t be able to get them off the mat.

Here’s a quick look at the features of this awesome doormat:

  • Super absorbent material
  • Soaks up to 7 times its weight in water and mud
  • Floors stay clean and dry
  • Dries 5X faster than ordinary door mats
  • Easy to wash

We are super excited to announce that we'll be doing a review of the newest products from Soggy Doggy Productions, which includes a shammy and an ultra-soft doggy towel. Stay tuned!

The Soggy Doggy Doormat is by far, one of our most favorite products of the year and we can't wait to see what else Soggy Doggy Productions has in store for us.

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Collars with a Higher Purpose PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stacy Mantle   
Saturday, 16 March 2013 00:00

This month, we have been discussing collars – the history of collars, the different functions of collars, and even how you can keep your pets safe from coyotes and other predators with collars. As you can see, there are literally hundreds of thousands of collars to choose from. While historically, collars have been designed for function rather than style, these days they are more of a fashion statement and a way to differentiate your dog – showing off their unique personality (and yours). This week, we are looking at collars with a purpose, including social movements to support rescue dogs (such as Project Blue Collar and Karma Collars), collars made from recycled materials (such as Cycle Dog) and collars that keep your pet safe (such as Dog-E-Collar).

Project Blue Collar

We love the story behind Project Blue Collar! This company is focused on rescue dogs and as such, their product line is committed to this idea.  The concept is similar to the concept behind the Livestrong foundation where you show your support for a subject by buying and wearing a bracelet reflects that ideal. In this case, the focus is on celebrating and supporting the rescue dog. It's a public badge of courage, a way to support the underdog, a demonstration that you care about saving an animal’s life through rehabilitation and adoption. Each collar is only $10 and for each collar bought, a second collar is donated to the rescue of your choice so that they can further the message of adoption and so you can help them support their heroic efforts.  Purchase one from Blue Collar or your favorite animal rescue today and join the movement Facebook or at

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Top 10 Impressive Pet Products from Global Pet Expo PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stacy Mantle   
Monday, 25 February 2013 20:20

We have made it back from the Global Pet Expo (GPE) which took place in hot and humid Orlando, Florida. In case you don't know, GPE is like "Disneyland for animal lovers" and we were not disappointed this year.

With over 900 booths and hundreds of thousands (perhaps even millions) of products, we spent most of our three days at the event wandering around in wide-eyed wonder. There was just so much to look at that by the end of each day, my neck was stiff and my eyes were sore from the constant flow of information and stimulation. Thank goodness Tomlyn had the foresight to hire two very accomplished masseurs and make them available in their booth - we took full advantage of that perk. (Thanks, Tomlyn!)

We will be spending the next year talking in detail about all of the amazing things I think our pack members will love. But, for now, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of a few of our favorites. Here they are, in no particular order...

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