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Shelter Dog Adoption Process Explained

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Within a year of his wife’s death, William Goryl decided he wanted to adopt a dog from his nearby shelter in Hilton Head, S.C. “I was a little worried because I hadn’t had a dog in 15 years,” says Goryl, a retired business executive. He was also afraid that each and every dog at the shelter would tug at his heartstrings. With guidance from the staff, however, he made the rounds of available dogs until he came upon a reddish short-haired dog of Basenji mix, which had been found walking along a nearby road six months earlier. “Rusty’s face grabbed me,” says Goryl, who was able to walk the year-and-a-half-old dog for a few minutes. The shelter workers encouraged him to take Rusty home for a weekend. Over that fateful weekend, Goryl discovered the dog’s very pleasant, even-tempered personality. “The more I looked at him, the more I thought I was really lucky,” says Goryl. “He just seemed as friendly as could be.”

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Protecting the Dogs that Protect Our Troops

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Temperatures sometimes soar as high as 140 degrees and our military dogs cannot work for more than an hour to an hour-and-a-half before being completely exhausted. Our troops are provided with proper equipment but the dogs are our first line of defense in many situations. They’ve been forgotten and have no protection against the heat, blowing sands and rough terrain.

Starline Nunley started with the idea of helping her son, Major Parker Frawley, who is a Longbow, Apache helicopter fighter pilot stationed in Iraq. She asked him if he would like a Cooling Vest to help him cope with the typically very hot temperatures encountered there. His reply was, “Mom, we're all right. The military provides for us very well, but dogs have different needs. It is so hot that they are having trouble doing their job and that puts us all in danger.”

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Animals and Their Souls

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I was talking with a co-worker the other day and he informed me that animals do not have emotions. This occurred just after he told me (the day that I put my dog of 17 yrs down) that animals do not have souls and therefore will never enjoy the concept of heaven.

Now, this co-worker has the disadvantage of being, what I refer to, as a "bible-thumper." He is, in fact, a born-again Christian. Please bear in mind that I have nothing against Christians, nor do I have anything against religion in general. I do, however, have a problem with this co-worker passing along faulty information. Animals do have emotions and they also have souls, and I'll tell you how I know that... In over twenty years of working with animals, I have never seen a kitten duct-tape a live human baby to a freeway. I also have never seen a cat find enjoyment from setting a human on fire.

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Sleeping With The Enemy

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The Mayo Clinic* has released a study which postulates that sleeping with your pets could, and I quote, Make You Dog Tired.

You know I've got to ask... How long did it take these geniuses to come up with this theory, and how much did it cost us for them to complete a study that really could have been accomplished by just contacting me? As the owner of many cats, three dogs (one of which is half-coyote) and a plethora of other animals that may or may not be visiting at any certain time, I can attest to the fact that, of course sleeping with your pets will make you tired. For instance, just the other night in the hot deserts of Arizona, we had a huge lightening storm. Actually, it was the first of its kind since we (by we I mean the desert dwellers who are forced to reside in Arizona during the miserable summer months) officially entered the "monsoon season" in early July. Under normal circumstances, the most catastrophic event that occurs during a storm like this is a temporary loss of power.

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World Animal Day

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Many of you have been moved by a story called, How Could You? by Jim Wilis. This powerful essay has now been translated into Chinese and it is set to continue moving people the world over. This essay has now been translated into over 50 languages.

Willis' first story made news nearly ten years ago when it literally stopped traffic in the Toronto area of Canada. The DJ who read it broke down in tears and thousands of drivers followed suit, pulling to the side of the road and creating a traffic jam that a Toronto newspaper reported on. Radio stations nationwide have since done the same with similar results.

And now you can also help make a difference...

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