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10 Ways to Help Independent Rescuers

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We love holiday gift lists as much as anyone and getting a new product for your favorite pet is always nice. But, let’s face it – the real meaning behind the holidays is to do for others. This doesn’t always mean making a donation to a national animal rescue group (although that’s a great way to go). The flailing economy has been hard on us all, but not nearly as hard as it’s been on independent animal rescuers.

Individual families with multiple pets have also had a rough time of it, and often it’s the animals who are the first to suffer. For this reason, we’ve come up with several ideas on how you can help others who love animals and are active in smaller rescue efforts. The best part is that these ideas can be put into practice during any time of year!

10. Pay for a set of vaccinations

You take your dogs and cats into the vet all the time, but what about a neighbor’s dog or cat who is part of a family that is struggling? Ask your vet if you can pay for a set of vaccinations for someone’s pet. Most good vets will offer a discount on the office exam so that a person can afford to take their pet in for vaccinations.

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A Story of Animal Communication

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When I was a little kid about eight or nine years old (yes, I was actually a little kid once), I had a best friend named Niki. She was a year older than me, which means that I looked up to her as wiser, more beautiful and far more intuitive than I would ever be.

When we weren't recreating scenes from Battlestar Galactica or Charlie’s Angels (I was always Kelly), we were writing screenplays or more importantly, conducting in-depth observation and scientific studies that usually centered around UFOs or animals.

One for these studies was designed to prove that we could communicate with animals...

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10 Stocking Stuffers under $25 for Dogs

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We’ve compiled our dogs’ (and a couple of our own) most favorite products through the year. Here is a list of stocking stuffers we highly recommend for your dogs - no matter what their size, shape or breed!

1. Honest Kitchen Treats: We’ve become health nuts and so have our pets. Their favorite “chews” this year are Beams from The Honest Kitchen – they come from the clean ocean waters of Iceland, are dried into long strips (with a consistency of jerky) and last for about 3 minutes. But, they are super delicious! Small dogs will love the "Wishes" treats, which is in small bite-size chunks for little mouths. (Save 10% with coupon code: PETSWEEK) Only $8.99 at The Honest Kitchen

2. Go Dog Baby Dragons from Quaker Pet Group Toys: goDog™ is a fun brand from Quaker Pet Group featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. A wide array of goDog toys are available with tough Chew Guard™ technology. The dogs love the plush material and innovative squeakies and paper wraps. We love their durability and replacement guarantee if your pet chews through it. Choose from Dragons, Squeakers, Dinos, Crazy Tugs, Zombiez, Yetis, Gators, Wingers, and holiday-themed toys that any pet will adore! Visit Quaker Pet Group to learn more about their extensive product line. Only $9.98 on Amazon

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Remembering Fallen Canine Heroes

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For many, Memorial Day means the beginning of the summer season where cookouts and pool parties abound. For some, it means taking a few moments to remember those members of our military who died serving their country, or perhaps visiting the grave-sites of loved ones who've passed on before us, whether they were enlisted in the U.S. Military or not.

What most of us do not think about are all of the canine heroes who have served this country, right alongside their human companions, for decades.

Even though evidence suggests canines were used in combat as far back as the eighteenth century B.C., the United States didn't officially begin using them until 1942. Dogs even played an active rule on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

They were reportedly panicked at the sounds of battle surrounding them, but once they got to their duty serving as sentries on the battle lines, they were said to be more alert than their human counterparts.

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