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Gifts for Sleepy Dogs


PetLinks Pet Beds

Our dogs all-time favorite beds are these incredible, soft, cushy beds from PetLinks. Nearly every photo I have of a dog or cat sleeping is in The Supreme Soother™ or the Soothing Escape™. Follow our instagram account and you'll see how much our pets love these soft, therapeutic beds. Why do they love them so much? Well, the premium bolstered beds are made from an advanced gel memory foam that helps support joints and relieves stress, while the gel beads keep pets cool in summer and cozy warm in winter. We love them because the cover is removable and machine washable. They are affordable, stylish and will last a very, very long time. 

Supreme Soother Pet Bed (Large) $149

The Soothing Escape Bed is a bolstered oval bed. It's ideal for senior dogs who need easy access to the therapeutic cushion without stepping over a bolstered edge. This was Cheiss' favorite bed. 

Soothing Escape Pet Bed (Large) $99


The Soothing Escape Bed is a bolstered circle, for dogs who love to cuddle in close and warm. We've found our cats naturally migrate to these beds, as well as our youngest dogs who love to "cuddle". 


Laura Ashley Throw (large) $14.99

This machine washable throw is a stylish way to cover your couch and give your dog a warm place to lay his head. It's perfect for use in a kennel or to warm up in the car when you're heading home from the snow. Since it's large, it covers the right amount of space in your vehicle or on your couch. It's also simple to clean and super soft to make your pet feel secure and comfortable.  

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