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Gifts for Dogs Who Love to Play


Hear Doggie Fatties

Silence is golden. That's why you're going to love the Hear Doggy!™ Ultrasonic Dog Toys.  These toys allow your dogs all the fun of squeaking without any of the annoying squeaking. Using innovative squeaker technology, Hear Doggy!™ squeakers are tuned to a pitch outside the human hearing range leaving all the noisy fun to your furry companions. Hear Doggy!™ is now available in MINI Flatties for tiny chewers and tiny breeds. 

These toys are ideal for anyone who works from home or has small children at home that they can't afford to wake from naps. Don't deprive your dogs from fun! 


Tether Tugs

Shorter days and longer nights can make it hard to get a dog the exercise they need, which is why I really like these tether tugs. These are so much fun for large dogs with too much time on their paws! Tether Tug® is a USA-based company designing products to keep dogs healthy, happy and entertained. There are many tugs to choose from, and even an indoor Tether Tug for smaller pets under 30 lbs!

We prefer the outdoor version for our large dogs. It gives pets a chance to get some energy out when they run out for playtime and I can't imagine a doggy daycare who wouldn't love this product!


Buster Strong Toys: $14.95

I'll be honest, I had my doubts about the Kruuse line of Buster toys. They look pretty "boring" and I had questions about how long my gnawing pit bulls would be able to play with them. I have to say, I was surprised. They've been gnawing for months and there's no end in site. The dogs absolutely love these toys, proving my theory that simple is sometimes the best. 

In the summer, you can freeze them for some extra fun playtime that helps dogs cool down. This is a great toy that will provide a lot of safe play. They float, they're nontoxic and they are strong and durable. Win-win-win. 


PetSafe Slap Happy Toys: $7.99+

STILL our favorite toys. You really can't go wrong with the Slap Happy Pogo Plush line of faux sheepskin toys from PetSafe some of the best, most durable plush toys out there. No seams makes it almost impossible to destroy these pets and the extendable arms make it easy to “shake and kill” while the internal rubber cage provides a unique “bounce-back” feeling that also keeps the squeaker rolling around (which makes it harder to destroy). This is a fun, plush toy that your heavy chewers will love!

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