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Holiday Gift List for Dogs and Dog LoversThe holidays are finally here and it's time to get our holiday shopping completed!

We know you've been looking for that perfect gift for the dog (and the many people who loves dogs) in your life, and we've got ideas for every budget.

This year, we've included some fun new products that we know all dogs and their owners will love! There are ideas for every price range, so you don't have to worry about leaving anyone out. 

Come on in, take a gander and get your holiday gifts ordered! 

We've categorized them so they're even easier to find - follow the story or find your favorite topic! 

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Handcrafted Gifts and Gift Sets

Handmade Dog Ornaments: $4.95

If you’re looking for something totally out of the box, PawZaar is the place to go. PawZaar focuses on globally sourced gifts that can only be found in other parts of the world. These adorable dog ornaments from Guatemala will be perfect for any dog lover's Christmas tree. Each ornament is handmade by artisans of a fair trade cooperative in Guatemala and purchases from this site benefit animals in need around the world. 

And don't forget these gorgeous rescue bracelets for yourself. Because all of our children have paws. 

Soap for People Who Love Dogs: $6.00- $34.95

"Smells like expensive vet bills and specialty diets blended with fierce loyalty, unwavering devotion and unconditional love."

Handmade soap for people who love dogs? Why, yes! These adorable sets include a hilarious soap label on your favorite soap (choose from Calendula or Oatmeal Milk & Honey), Paw Balm (for your dog's paws and nose in the cold winter weather), Puppy Balm (for the human's hands when they're roughhousing with their pup) and a cute little bone-shaped soap, just because...

If you’re shopping for a dog lover, you can’t go wrong with this incredible set of handmade products from AZ Soapworks. This gift tin will delight any animal lover. 

Tall Tails Gift Sets: $34.99+

These are still some of our favorite gift items. These luxurious 3 Piece Gift Sets are all built tough to prevent messy situations featuring high-performance microfiber and an intuitive design. They include an extra soft fleece blanket for comfortable cuddling (sized 30” x 40”); a Waterwoof™ Pad with triple layer protection to guard against accidents (sized 33”x 21”); and a super soft Squeaky Soft Bone toy perfect for interactive play. 

  • Machine wash & dry
  • Made with Super Absorbent Microfiber Fabric
  • 50% more absorbent than Cotton
  • 3 unique towels offer unique drying solutions
  • Patented Cape towel has a convenient collar attachment to keep your dog calm and in control.

See all of their gift selections, they have some adorable choices! 

Dog Is Good Stemless Wine Glass - $15.99

It's not really drinking alone if the dog is home. 

Especially in the current political climate... This adorable stemless glassware is designed to last. It's dishwasher safe and Made in the USA. 

'Nuff said...

Dog Is Good PopSockets - $11.99

Hands down, PopSockets are one of the most useful gadgets a dog lover can have. This fits on the back of any phone, just peel and stick. The result is a handy little handle that makes picture taking or dog walking a breeze. We love how simple they are to use and how great of a stocking stuffer they make. Tired of the image? Remove and put a new one on. This is one gadget we buy in bulk! 

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