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Spring Training with Pets

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With the snows melting and spring looming large, it’s the perfect time to shed those winter pounds for both you and your pets.

Options abound for working out with your best friend – from skijoring and urban mushing to running and wild workouts. We wanted to learn of the tricks and were honored to speak with the Team ASPCA experts, Dr. Katherine (Kat) Miller and Coach Spencer Casey, to learn the basics of working out with your pets.

Here are some valuable tips to make exercise fun for the entire family. And if you are successful in following them, it won't be long before you'll be signing up with Team ASPCA to participate in a fund-raising marathon!

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Game Day Foods To Share With Dogs

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The big game is almost here. After the game (or the Puppy Bowl), the second most important part of Super Bowl Sunday is the food. If your dog will be part of the festivities, here are 5 dog-friendly foods you can both enjoy. Remember that moderation is the key to any enjoyable day, so while these foods are safe, they are not recommended!


Putting out a veggie tray? Your dog will enjoy carrots, broccoli, celery, snap peas, cucumbers, and cauliflower. Tomatoes are fine too, so long as the stems and leaves are removed. But don’t worry, you don’t have to share the ranch dip. That’s better for humans than it is for dogs.

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5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

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Halloween is usually a spooky time for pets, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways you can protect your pets during this holiday of hazards!

1. Identification

Your pets should always be wearing identification. The best way to ensure their safety is to use a three-pronged approach:

Microchip: Be sure your pet is micro-chipped and that their information is up-to-date in the system.

ID Tags: Cats should be wearing a quick-release collar that contains ID tags, and every dog should wear a comfortably fitting collar with ID tags that are easy to read. If you use one of our favorite tags from Blanket ID, make sure you’re familiar with the “Lost Pet” feature that allows you to quickly generate posters and have them delivered to your local area shelters and veterinarians.

GPS Tracker: If you haven’t already, you should pick up a GPS tracker for each pet. You know that our favorite is the Tagg GPS Tracker, and with their recent addition of activity tracking, it’s a must-have for the holiday.

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Keeping Pets Safe from Coyotes

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No matter where you live, you’ve likely had to deal with wildlife. Whether its mountain lions and coyotes, or squirrels and deer, we live in a world with a rapidly increasing human population –  which means we are continually infringing on wildlife. The more we infringe on their territory, take their water supply and diminish their prey, the more they will be forced to enter our domestic havens. And whether you like it or not, coyotes are a very important part of nature’s balance.

The one question we get most frequently is how to deal with wild animals that enter our yards threaten our dogs and cats. We are very strong believers in maintaining a symbiotic relationship with nature, so it’s important to us that we raise awareness on the issue. This week, we are discussing how you can keep your pets safe from coyotes and we’re including a whole section on how to do this in step-by-step format...

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OraPup: Tongue Cleaning Brush for Dogs

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There’s a big difference between dog breath and puppy breath. The older our four-legged friends get, the more difficult it is to deal with their doggy  breath problems. This week, Orapup, a division of Orabrush, Inc. – announced that they have designed a new tongue cleaner that will help cure a dog’s bad breath.

The brush is scheduled to hit store shelves at the beginning of 2013 and will be manufactured in the USA.

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