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Fleas and ticks are more than just a nuisance. They can present serious health conditions and ticks are the number one carrier of Lyme disease – an illness that can cause joint swelling, fever, heart or nervous system complications, kidney failure, even death.  Ehrlichiosis is the general name used to describe several bacterial diseases that affect animals and humans, and Lyme Disease is one common form of Ehrlichiosis.

Lyme Disease isn’t reserved for pets who frequent wooded areas,” comments Jeanette Holliday, the US Marketing Manager at The Company of Animals. “Any dog or cat spending time outdoors, even in the city, needs to be protected against ticks.”

According to the CDC, Lyme Disease frequency is shifting northward in the US with a relatively small decrease in southern states. That doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection spread through the bite of a blacklegged tick and getting the disease means years of treatment.

Symptoms include serious flu-like reactions (headache, chills, fever, fainting, muscle pain, paralysis). Within a few weeks, this can migrate into heart palpitations, joint swelling, speech problems and brain inflammation. The worst part is that these symptoms can appear months or even years after initial exposure.

Treatment is very extensive and does not ever really destroy.

Lyme Disease Risk Map

Our good friend, Niki Moustaki of the Pet Postcard Project, has been battling Lyme Disease for several years and has since become an advocate and expert on the devastating illness.  She also advocates for a breakthrough,  patented process known as Ticks-SR to safely remove the pesky critters from yourself and your pets.

Tick-SR Tick Remover works by dissolving the “glue” that creates a bond between a tick and its new host. By impeding blood flow to the affected area, the tick can no longer feed and becomes easy to remove. Tick-SR does not kill ticks, but it does aid in their safe removal, which is key to avoiding Lyme Disease.

NOTE: According to the CDC, a Lyme disease vaccine is no longer available. The vaccine manufacturer discontinued production in 2002, citing insufficient consumer demand. Protection provided by this vaccine diminishes over time. Therefore, if you received the Lyme disease vaccine before 2002, you are probably no longer protected against Lyme disease.

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