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Let's face it - bully dogs get a bad rap. Even their name indicates that they are bad dogs. But, the truth is, they rate higher on behavioral tests than nearly any other dog and their bite is not even close in pounds per square inch to their Rottweiler and German Shepherd cousins.

It's important for us to get the truth out about this breed. K9 of Mine is working to correct some of those misconceptions. The In Defense Of Pit Bulls Infographic provides data and statistics proving that pit bulls aren’t nearly as vicious as the media might lead us to believe. This infographic and corresponding studies show that breed has very little to do with fatal dog bite attacks. What does affect the likelihood of dog attacks are factors like how the dog is treated in the home and whether or not the dog is neutered. Please share this infographic to spread awareness of the injustice that pit bulls (and their owners) face. Let's protect the pitties!

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