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When it comes to keeping your dog safe at home, you have lots of options. Of course, whatever keeps your dog happiest and healthiest is preferred. Traditional fences are excellent for keeping your dogs inside of your yard, because it’s never safe to leave your dog chained while outside alone. However, traditional fences aren’t foolproof, and sometimes they’re not the most effective way to keep your dog on your property. In some specific cases, electric dog fences are more practical and reliable.

Every dog has a different personality and different needs. Electric dog fences are containment systems that work better for some types of dogs. Before you choose a fencing system, it’s so important to consider your dog as an individual. If your dog is younger than six months old, pregnant, or very sick, an electronic dog fence should not be used. As long as your dog does not fall into those categories, here are some reasons why they might benefit from an electric fence.

 Note: This is a sponsored post. While we do not personally recommend the use of electric fences, we know that many dog owners choose to use them. As PetsWeekly only shares information they believe is valuable to readers, we want to make sure you choose the safest option when looking at invisible fences. If you do choose to install an invisible fence, use only the highest quality fencing materials and be sure your pets are properly trained on how to use it.

HOA Restrictions

If your Homeowner Association CC&Rs prohibit the use of any other type of fencing, an invisible fence may be your only option to keep your dogs contained. Common areas for CC&Rs include properties on golf courses, custom home communities, and housing developments in senior living neighborhoods. If you are planning to move in the future, consider these restrictions carefully.

Exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. If you have a yard, you want to take full advantage of it for the physical and mental health of your dog. Exploring and running are activities that all dogs enjoy, and it’s best when they can do so without too much restriction. An electric fence for dogs allows them to utilize the yard without you having to worry about their safety. Perhaps the biggest benefit of an electric dog fence is that it is much more versatile than a traditional fence. Electric dog fences can be as big as you need them to be, meaning they can be installed in even the smallest areas. If your yard is smaller than average, an invisible fence will help you take advantage of your entire yard. In small spaces, traditional fences are more expensive and restrictive than electric fences, and they may not allow your dog maximum space to move.

Custom Boundaries

A DIY electric fence is the preferred option for creating custom boundaries. For example, yards with odd shapes are more easily enclosed by an electric fence. Traditional fences are difficult to use when you want to create a circular boundary, too. For circular spaces, a wireless dog fence is your best bet. Custom boundaries may be necessary in a variety of situations, and the ability to change the bounds ensures that your dog will be kept as safe as possible while maximizing their space at the same time. If you have a large farm or ranch, customizable boundaries are excellent for restricting your dog’s movements to certain parts of your land and keeping livestock separated. They’re also great for keeping your dog out of your gardens or crops, and they can also be used indoors to restrict your dog’s movements inside your home. When your dog is reliably kept in a “safe zone,” they are more content , and everyone is happier knowing that they are safe. Before you choose an electric dog fence, be sure to consider all of your options and the different fence styles. Most dog owners who choose an electric dog fence are satisfied with their decision, especially when traditional fences were not enough to keep their dogs safe. Just remember that with an electric dog fence, the most important thing to do is thoroughly train your dog on the system. As long as your dog is properly trained, an electric fence will keep them safe and sound at home.

Suppress Prey Drive

Dogs with strong prey drives can be difficult to contain. The sight or sound of another animal can cause them to take off in pursuit, and this can lead to a dangerous situation. Dogs that love to chase will do their best to find a way past a traditional fence, often by jumping over it or breaking through. Hunting breeds in particular have strong prey drives; some of these dogs include hounds, retrievers, beagles, terriers, spaniels, vizslas, weimaraners, setters, and spaniels. According to some trainers, an invisible dog fence can help suppress prey drive. While not all dogs will respond the same, many hunting dogs will be content if they can see what’s beyond their yard. It’s often the curiosity of wondering what’s on the other side of the fence that leads dogs to try to escape. An electric fence will allow your dog to see what’s passing by. The mild corrective shock of the e-collar will also deter them from trying to go after other animals.

Prevent Digging

Other dogs have a tendency to dig. Traditional fences may not contain these “diggers” because they won’t stop a dog from burrowing underneath. A strong prey drive may lead a dog to dig, so hunting dogs are often diggers, although any dog may develop an interest in digging. Some breeds that often dig are beagles, terriers, hounds, huskies, malamutes, chows, and whippets. An electronic dog fence can be excellent for diggers. The e-collar will prevent them from getting close enough to the edge of your property, and they’ll be unable to dig underneath the wire. Unless your traditional fence extends below the ground, it may not be enough to keep a digger contained. Electric fences are also great for protecting your flower beds or garden from diggers.

Stop Aggression

A common myth is that an electronic dog fence will increase aggression in dogs. While all dogs are different, it’s rare for a dog to become more aggressive from wearing an e-collar. In fact, an electric dog fence can also help curb aggression. The corrective shock of the e-collar can help teach your aggressive dog to stop going after people or animals beyond your fence. Dogs that try to threaten other creatures will be deterred from that behavior because they’ll understand that they’re unable to cross the boundary of the invisible fence. An invisible fence can also act as extra protection for an aggressive dog. Very aggressive dogs can break through traditional fences and even electric fences when their adrenaline is high. By adding a wired or wireless dog fence to your yard with an existing traditional fence, you’ll have two layers of containment, which is enough to keep the most aggressive dogs from escaping.

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