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Dog Stories

Take Your Dog To Work Week

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While we're lucky enough to spend just about every waking with our dogs and cats, we know a lot of you don't have that luxury. Next week, every one will have the opportunity to take their dogs to work - because it's officially "Take Your Dog To Work Week" (#TYDTWW)!

Having an official week like this is important for corporations, because if it's done correctly, everyone can benefit from having dogs in the workplace. Dogs promote a happier work environment, can keep employees calm just be being around them, and can give everyone a chance to laugh when they may otherwise not do so. We all know how important laughter is in the workplace.

Today, you should talk to your boss and see what the office policy is on this holiday next week. If they aren't totally sure about allowing this, we have some office antics that can help even the most reluctant boss change their mind...

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Happy Father's Day - From the Dog

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The dogs and I wanted to do something special for my husband who spends so much of his time taking care of the dogs. He picks up the yard, he gives them their baths, he helps me get them into the veterinarian for annual exams, and he makes sure the dogs get fed (and even does great keeping the supplements together!) when I'm out of town.

But most of all, he makes sure the dogs (and the rest of us) feel warm and safe and loved.

Well, my husband loved the poem and suggested we send it out to ALL of the dads who spend so much time caring for their dogs.

Happy Father's Day, Dog dads! If the dogs could write, I think they would say something like this...

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Protecting our Police K-9s from Partners

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Few things infuriate me more than animals left in cars. It’s particularly frustrating when it’s a dog who was left behind by their human partner they both protect and serve.

It's happened again. This time, the victim was a 10-year-old black Labrador named Nyx. His partner left Nyx in a police car for over six hours while he trained another officer. The car was parked directly in front of a security camera at the entrance to the police station.

Zachary Lee Miller, the senior officer, was training Jake Bigelow. Miller said he “yelled” at Bigelow for not turning on the air conditioning. But, really, both officers should be brought up on charges. The dog was left unattended for six hours in a car that was running, but did not have the air conditioning on. The security camera staring at this dog while dozens of officer likely passed by, ignoring the situation.

Both officers are still employed with the Mills Police Department, but Miller is currently on leave for “unrelated personal reasons.” Miller has pleaded “not guilty” to the misdemeanor crime of animal cruelty.

This is not a singular event. Here’s a brief look at just a few events that actually made the news and their outcomes:

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Wally's World: Featured Adoption

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My "In box" is filled to bursting with emails of dogs and cats that are in immediate need of assistance. Some are on the e-list and only available to official rescues, some are emotionally damaged from years of neglect; others are in such bad shape that they can only be saved from euthanasia on a medical release. Just the other day, I received a photo of a dog who had been sitting at county with a broken foot – the email was even accompanied with photos of the bone poking through the skin as he waited for a vet visit.

There are thousands of animals who have extreme stories. Wally is not one of them...

Instead, Wally is a very happy, very healthy 3-yr-old chow-shepherd. I had the pleasure of meeting him this weekend and I found a calm, relaxed pup that is just bursting with love.

He is extraordinarily handsome. He has kind, gentle eyes and thick, black and brown marble fur that is silky smooth.

He’s very tolerant of any new experience (including testing out a new personal flotation device that we asked him to wear) and loves to play. He’s gentle, kind, and seems to get along with everyone – no matter what their species. He's even been obedient trained! He can fetch, he's potty-trained, he's crate trained, and he loves to run on his 3-acres with his foster brothers and sisters.

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Before and After Pictures of Rescued Pets Show Inner Beauty

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As humans, we are often conditioned to judge others by outward appearances. Nowhere is this habit more deadly than in the animal shelter environment. First impressions are indeed the most critical, but it can be difficult to see through mats and dirt and anti-social behavior when you’re looking to adopt a new pet. The animals at shelters are going through the most difficult times of their lives and it can be hard to look past the fear, depression and abuse.

That’s why I love this new program from Wahl and GreaterGood.org called One Picture Saves (The Dirty Dogs Program). Not only are they taking the time to profile the true beauty of shelter animals with makeovers, they are encouraging adoption by focusing on pets that need homes. (More info on how shelters can participate is below).

By showing the inner beauty of animals, they may just encourage more adoptions and help much needed funds to assist in the time and energy it takes to rehabilitate animals.

Read more: Before and After Pictures of Rescued Pets Show Inner Beauty

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