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You Can't Save Them All

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“You can’t save them all...”  My father’s words echoed through my head as I sat in front my computer, searching every website I could find that was even remotely associated with the keywords, “rescue + cat + injured + Arizona”.

Maybe I couldn’t save all of them, but I could damn well try to save this one.

The gray and yellow tortoiseshell cat had wandered in through the cat door as I lie in bed reading. His visits had grown more frequent over the past few weeks, and I could see that his health, as well as his appearance, had been rapidly declining.

Tonight as he wandered in though, my heart skipped a beat, then pounded in my chest as he paused long enough for me to fully observe him.  One side of his face seemed compressed, his right eye now closed for eternity.  His left eye was swollen mostly shut with infection, and he could barely see out of the small corner that remained open.  Large patches of fur were missing from what once must have been a glorious tortoiseshell coat, and what fur did remain was matted together in massive chunks. Gone was the sheen that must have once covered a lithe body.  Now he was gaunt, a ghost of a cat, that had obviously been injured in ways we could only imagine. All that remained now was a sickly feline, one which if successfully trapped, would be immediately destroyed by whoever I took it too for help.

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Free Kittuns...

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The sign on the mailbox post was hand-lettered on cardboard and read “FREE KITTUNS”. It appeared there two or three times a year, sometimes spelled this way, sometimes that, but the message was always the same.

In a corner of the farmhouse back porch was a cardboard box with a dirty towel inside, on which huddled a bouquet of kittens of different colours, mewing and blinking and waiting for their mama to return from hunting in the fields. The mother cat managed to show them enough interest for the first several weeks, but after having two or three litters per year, she was worn out and her milk barely lasted long enough for her babies to survive.

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25 Things I Learned From My Cat

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We all learn valuable lessons from our cats. These are just a few of many that I have learned from my cats. Can you relate to any of them?

- Money is not important until it impacts your food supply
- Never change your mind once you've made a decision – even if it is in your best interest.
- The best place to lie down is the most well-traveled area, including but not limited to the kitchen table, a warm neck (no matter what species), the middle of the floor, with your favorite person, and on top of the fish tank.

- Frequent naps lower your stress levels.
- Lying in a warm lap will lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

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Feline Behavior

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    Hello Grey Socks, Every time I put toothpaste on my brush, which is mint flavored, my cat wants to lick it. She goes completely banana's over it. Is it okay to let her lick some? Thanks,
    Kathy Easley

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  • Wool-sucking in cats

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  • Cats covering feces

    Dear Ghost, Why do cats cover their feces? My two cats are neurotic about covering up everything in their litter box, which is stupid because it's automatic anyway. Is it really necessary? Thanks,

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  • Cats spraying

    Baby, I live with 2 male cats (neutered) and 1 female cat (spayed). All of a sudden they have started spraying (they are 1 year old). They have sprayed my bed, my doors and in my closet (that I know of). I'm… Read More +

  • hypersthesia

    Mama-San, My 1 yr old tabby has developed a fear of its tail! The end twitches and she sometimes lightly attacks it, but most times just runs from it (especially at night) your site mentions anger in connection with tip- twitching.… Read More +

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