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The world is filled with ghost stories, but the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse still shines bright in the realm of ghost cats and haunted spirits.

We've compiled a few of our most favorite feline ghost stories to delight you. Don't worry - they aren't too scary...

Take a look inside this guide filled with spooky tales of animal hauntings and ghost stories about cats that have more than nine lives.

The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse

  • The Fairmont Lighthouse is home to many spirits, including a ghost cat!
  • "The light that shone for 100 years" 
  • 1825 - 1925

Many locales have ghost stories, but the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse in Fairport Harbor, Ohio has one of the spookiest tales. 

In 1871, Mary Babcock lived with her husband, Captain Joseph Babcock in the Fairport Harbor lighthouse. The life of a lighthouse keeper was not easy, and the family tragically lost their five-year-old son to disease. 

Shortly after, Mary became bedridden so her husband brought her cats to keep her company. Her favorite, an old gray cat called “Sentinel”, slept by her side until the end. After she died, the other cats left the lighthouse, but not Sentinel - he stayed at his home until his own mysterious death.

Years later, a curator began living upstairs in Mary's former quarters. She reported numerous sightings of a mysterious gray cat. "It would skitter across the floor near the kitchen like it was playing," curator Pam Brent reported. "I would catch glimpses of it from time to time. Then one evening I felt its presence when it jumped on the bed. I felt its weight pressing on me."

Interestingly enough, while installing an air conditioning system, contractors discovered the remains of a gray cat lying on its side in a basement crawl space...

The lighthouse was featured in a biography channel series, My Ghost Story, after a couple visited the lighthouse and encountered sobbing, touching, shadow people, and the sounds of cat meows.

Does the ghost of the gray cat still haunt the halls of the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse


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