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petWISPPet hair is a never ending battle at our home. I’m not sure if it was worse when we had long-haired animals or if it’s worse because the short-haired dogs seem to shed just as badly but it's harder to see. All I do know is that I’m constantly vacuuming the house, yet the fur and cat litter still gets tracked around and I can never get all of it pulled up. 

That’s why I’m so grateful for products that make picking up pet fur and cat litter a breeze. The petWISP is one such product.

The petWISP is similar to a broom, that is if that broom had microcharged bristles and actually captured pet hair rather than push it around. While a broom is a broom, petWISP is something much more impressive - sort of how I imagine Harry Potter's broom would be in real life. The petWISP features electrostatic bristles that trap particles and a hands-free dustpan that saves my back. 

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But this miraculous technology extends far beyond just pet fur. It also works on cat litter like magic. It picks up paper and bits of soap and crumbs from treats and just about anything else. 

What I love most? It works on rugs and carpets that regular vacuums do not work on - for example, my favorite mats that fit perfectly under my dog's water and food bowls, are nearly impossible to vacuum and too heavy to lug outside. So they only get pet hair removed from them about once every 3 months.

But now, the petWISP let’s me clean them as needed. 

Really, you need to see this in action to appreciate it. Here’s a quick video to show you how it works. 

It all comes down to electrostatic bristles that trap hair and fiber. The one-handed broom, has thick bristles that drag directly across the floor to catch dust, pet hair and other messes your typical broom might otherwise leave behind. A foot-operated dustpan means no more bending over to keep it in place.

This also allows you to clean furniture, scratching posts, the area around litter boxes, and even carpets. My plan is to get one of these for every area of the house. 

How it works:

The one-handed broom, has thick bristles that drag directly across the floor to catch dust, pet hair and other messes your typical broom might otherwise leave behind. A foot-operated dustpan means no more bending over to keep it in place.

The petWISP is affordable too:

  • WISP Cleaning Set  - WISPsystem Telescoping Broom and Dustpan with miniWISP Hand Broom w/Bristle Seal Technology  - MSRP $39.95
  • WISPsystem - Telescoping Broom and Dustpan with WISPaway Hanger and Electrostatic Bristle Seal Technology  - MSRP $29.95
  • miniWISP - Small Broom and Dustpan Set the Best Mini Hand Broom with Electrostatic Bristle Seal Technology - MSRP $12.95
  • bigWISP, Lightweight Push Broom with Bristle Seal Technology - MSRP $22.95

 We think you're going to love this new solution for cleaning and we're excited to say it will make the holidays much, much easier to keep clean. 

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