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Let's face it - cats are tough to buy for. You never know what they want, they may approve of one item today and hate it tomorrow. 

This year, we've included some fun new products that we know all cats and their staff will love! We've included items in every price range so no cat need be left out. 

Come on in, take a gander and get your favorite feline gifts ordered today! 

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Gift Sets

Cat Is Good Gift Sets: $9.99+

The Cat is Good "Pounce on It" 12-Piece Gift Pack contains toys that cats love. Each gift box contains:

  • 1 feather wand
  • 4 rattle mice
  • 2 catnip mice
  • 2 sparkle balls
  • 2 plastic jingle balls
  • 1 Cat is Good icon toy with catnip

This is a really great gift for any cat in your life (and perfect for cat-grand-parents to give to their grandcats) because there is sure to be something any cat will adore. Since each box is packaged for the holidays, you have a very easy gift to give any cat! We love the price and the quality, and your cats will love the selection! 

Holiday catnip set: $14.99 - $24.95

This catnip/cat grass holiday gift set features 100% organic pet grass complete with a cat planter. The sad reality is that not enough cat owners realize how much their cats love to nibble on some cat grass.

Not only is it tasty, grass has plenty of great physical benefits for your pets. It acts as a natural hairball remedy (much better than those petroleum-based products), and cat grass is chock full of nutrients. 

The grass in this set is a certified organic blend of wheat, oats, rye, barley and flax that is perfect for just about any species. Includes planter, Organic seed mix and organic soil.

Feline Behavior

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