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Halloween is on the way! Crisp apples and pumpkin spice scent the Autumn air, the leaves are changing color on the trees, and creepy costumes are on the way.

If you’re not sure how to include your cat in your Halloween costume this year, we have a few ideas cute couples costumes that you and your pets are sure to love.

Remember, cats are very sensitive and this might be a scary time of year for them. If you're not sure whether or not your cat can handle people, don’t take a chance. Just have a friend snap a few photos before the night begins, then place your cat in a controlled environment where they can listen to some tunes and chill out. When you head out for the party, you can carry the much better adjusted stuffed animal - these days, you can even get automated pets that look amazingly real!

Order now, they will be out of stock by the time Halloween hits.


We use affiliate links when they are available. Thank you for supporting us by using these links!

Dr Evil & Mr Bigglesworth Costumes

If you haven't seen the Austin Powers movies, you probably need to go rent them. We loved Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth, the villain of the series. There's two ways you can wear this costume, with fluffy Mr. Bigglesworth or hairless cat Mr. Bigglesworth (because time travel is tough on everyone). Here's the look, and how to pull it off.

This is a pretty easy look to pull off with premade costumes from Amazon.

Dr. Evil Suit

Fluffy Cat

Hairless Cat: Turns out, hairless cat toys are kind of hard to find. Sorry about that!


Alice in Wonderland Costumes

The Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat or Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat both make stunning costumes! We think California Costumes has some of the nicest quality Alice in Wonderland costumes. Here are the links for these costumes on Amazon.

Alice Costume

Mad Hatter Costume

Cheshire Cat Toy



Calvin and Hobbes Costumes

Calvin and Hobbes is one of our favorite cartoons. You can dress up like the tiger below or dress up as Calvin and just carry around your own little tiger around. Can you think of a cuter children's costume?

Pick up Calvin's shirt here and his favorite Hobbes toy here.

Tom and Jerry http://amzn.to/2bWwdHs

Jack Burns and Mr. Jynx

DeNiro defined the best generation of cat lovers in the movies, Meet the Parents. This toy cat is a great little replica of Mr. Jynx. Just pick up DeNiro's cap and beige jacket (so you always blend in with crowds) to complete the look. 

Bewitched: Salem and Sabrina

Love the idea of having a cat as your medium? We do too. That's why the classic Bewitched outfit is the one we love. 

For the more modern version, check out Samantha and Salem below.


Mr Filch and Mrs. Norris

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is hitting the industry in a big way. Celebrate the old days with this cute costume featuring the creepy school watchman Mr. Filch and his beloved red-eyed cat, Mrs. Norris.

Whatever your plans this Halloween, we hope you'll stay safe and plan on keeping kitties isolated and indoors. This is a tough time of year for them, so plan accordingly!


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Stacy Mantle is a freelance writer who currently resides in the southwestern deserts of Arizona with a few dogs, several cats, and a very understanding husband. She is a regular contributor to Pet Age Magazine, Catster, Animal Behavior College, and of course, PetsWeekly. Many of her stories and articles have been translated into several languages, and now reach an international audience. She is also the author of a bestselling urban fantasy/thriller, Shepherd's Moon; a humor book entitled, Conquering the Food Chain: Living Amongst Animals (Without Becoming One), and a line of Educational Activity Books for children.

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