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Simple 30-Day Litter Solution for Multi-Cat Parents

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For those of us living in multi-cat homes, the most challenging task is keeping the litter boxes odor free. Luckily, companies like Simple Solution are addressing this issue with a new 30-day super absorbent litter. It’s nearly half the weight of other litters and it works much longer, resulting in less waste and better odor control.

Attapulgite vs. Bentonite: Not all clays are created equal

Most litters use bentonite clay, which clumps when wet but doesn’t have any odor eliminating properties. The attapulgite clay used in Simple Solution cat litter is different because it absorbs 300 percent more liquid and is able to rejuvenate itself repeatedly while staying intact.  This also keeps you from having to scoop out urine clumps, which wastes a lot of litter. Instead, the litter traps and contains any moisture (and odors) – decreasing clean up times and decreasing waste.

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Caring for your Feline Senior Citizen

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As your cat approaches their senior years, some simple changes in care can make all the difference in quality of life. Make sure your feline senior citizen feel your love by following these tips.

There comes a time when it becomes clear that your kitty is no longer a young cat. Caring for your feline senior citizen takes a little more consideration for aging bones and fading senses.


Take a look in the cat food section of any pet store and you’ll see foods intended for all stages of a cat’s life, from kittenhood through young adulthood through to old age. Generally speaking, food for cats over seven years old is labeled as “mature,” for cats over eleven or twelve years of age is labeled as “senior,” and specialty food for cats over fifteen or so is labeled as “geriatric.”

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Overweight Cats Have A New Friend with #HillsPet Metabolic Diets

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Having a “weight-challenged” pet can be difficult not only on the animal but on the owner. Let's face it: there is a certain stigma attached to heavier animals, and often that is associated with bad pet parenting, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Some animals are just naturally heavy. Some are so good at manipulation that you don't have a choice but to give them a little treat on the side, and others may have slow metabolisms that make even the most finicky of eaters pick up weight. Sometimes it's just because you don't even know that your pet is overweight! Pounds can get packed on gradually, and really, it's hard enough to even notice that we're gaining weight ourselves - let alone if our cat is gaining!

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Holiday Health Hazards To Avoid

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The holidays are a hazardous time for our pets. There are holiday lights, holiday visitors, and a virtual smorgasbord lying on the counter at any given time. Here are a few things you should do to ensure make sure your pet has a happy holiday season!


Holiday decorations, particularly tinsel and glass ornaments, can result in a trip to the emergency clinic. The rule of paw is to avoid decorating with anything your pet is going to find appealing. That includes stringing popcorn and cranberries, hanging tinsel, using glass decorations, placing angel's hair int he manger, leaving candy lying about in bowls, placing poinsettias near your door or mistletoe over your door (see this list of toxic plants from the ASPCA), and decorating with pretty much anything that is long and stringy, small and tasty, or extra shiny.


Everyone is a little extra excitable during the crazy season. You can avoid any potential "misunderstandings" by keeping pets cordoned off in a quiet room this holiday season. We know - it's your pets home before it's a visitor's home - but if you have people over, you have a responsibility to keep your pets AND your visitors safe. If you do let them interact, be sure visiting children know the rules of the roost. Here is a downloadable PDF you can hang on your door this holiday season to train kids in interacting with pets.

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Why Balanced Nutrition is so Important for Pets

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When it comes to balanced nutrition for pets, we hear a lot of conflicting things.  While it’s important to understand that high-quality ingredients and sourcing of ingredients is of key importance, ensuring that your pet’s diet is balanced is also as critical. An excess of one nutrient can lead to serious health problems in pets. A deficiency in any of the nutrients, and the results may be just as severe as a surplus.

Just like in humans, our pets need balance in their diet. They need the right combination of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Too much, and you create a health problem. Too little, and you can create a health problem. Today we’ll take a look at the common components of pet food to demonstrate what happens when your pets are receiving the correct balance of nutrients in their food, as well as a brief look at what happens when they don’t...

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Feline Behavior

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    Hello Grey Socks, Every time I put toothpaste on my brush, which is mint flavored, my cat wants to lick it. She goes completely banana's over it. Is it okay to let her lick some? Thanks,
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  • Wool-sucking in cats

    Dear Kyra, I have an adopted 5-month-old ginger boy named Barney. He's a very sweet, funny kitty, and I love him to pieces. But...he has some strange quirks. The nice people at the animal shelter told me that he was… Read More +

  • Cats covering feces

    Dear Ghost, Why do cats cover their feces? My two cats are neurotic about covering up everything in their litter box, which is stupid because it's automatic anyway. Is it really necessary? Thanks,

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  • Cats spraying

    Baby, I live with 2 male cats (neutered) and 1 female cat (spayed). All of a sudden they have started spraying (they are 1 year old). They have sprayed my bed, my doors and in my closet (that I know of). I'm… Read More +

  • hypersthesia

    Mama-San, My 1 yr old tabby has developed a fear of its tail! The end twitches and she sometimes lightly attacks it, but most times just runs from it (especially at night) your site mentions anger in connection with tip- twitching.… Read More +

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