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Flashier Fur Means Catty-like Behavior

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Flashier fur means more catty like behavior according to a recent study by UC Davis. The study by Dr. Elizabeth Stelow, a behavioral expert at UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital,interviewed more than 1200 cat owners and found that calicoes and torties are more likely to hiss, bite, chase, swat or scratch their humans.  

The research supports observations made by veterinarians and (and many tortie owners) that these flashy felines tend towards having more “Tortitude” than other color patterns. 

According to an online survey to 1,200 cat owners, calicoes (white with patches of orange and black) tortoiseshell (black mottling of brown, red, amber and red) tended to be the “...most feisty and unpredictable,” .

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3 Medical Issues that May Stop Your Cat From Using the Litterbox

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Cats are complex beings and reasons for their actions may not be obvious to those who are not well-versed in all things cat. They process life experiences much differently than humans, and respond in ways that we don't often understand.

For example, your cat may be feeling stressed by other animals in the home - even something as simple as a change in location or box that hasn't been cleaned can cause them to stop using the litterbox.

In order to fix the problem, you need to know the cause of the problem. Occasionally, the reason has to do something with the medical fitness of your cat or mental stress. Cats are masters of hiding pain and it can be difficult to decide if a cat is avoiding a litter box due to a physical ailment, stress, or fear.

Physical ailments can often result in your feline from using the box because they begin to associate pain from urination with using the box.

Here are three of the more common health reasons your cat may stop using the litterbox. (Please remember, there are also many other reasons why cats may not use their automatic litterbox and none of them deal with "spite" so it's very important you never punish your cat for not using their box).

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‘Fat cats’, indeed…

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The term, "Fat Cat" is fine to use when describing politicians or corporate heads, but not your fur-kids. We need to start looking at obesity in a new light. Obesity is still the number one health problem for cats.

Sadly, we’re still not doing much about it. In fact, the problem is becoming worse. 

And we’re only hurting the ones we love...

"Between 30-60% of companion cats are overweight’ said Dr. Deborah Linder, head of the Tufts Obesity Clinic, Cummings School of Veterinarian Medicine.

The results are self-evident in the ongoing rise of Diabetes and ongoing problems with joint pain, orthopedic concerns, heart conditions and other troubling ailments.

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Healthy Cats Made Easy with #InstinctRaw

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As you know, we are big fans of raw food (or at least a form of raw food) for our pets, particularly when it comes to cats. But feeding raw can be intimidating (even to the most experienced nutritionist). We want to ensure our pets are getting the correct balance of proteins, the right types of carbohydrates, the exact amount of taurine or vitamins or minerals. There’s a lot to be concerned about when you’re making your own food. That’s why we applaud brands like Nature’s Variety, who are focused on the development of a raw diet that you don’t need to think about. This month, we let our cats try out the new all-natural, grain-free, gluten-free frozen raw diet known as Instinct®.

We've been trying to get our cats on a new, healthier food for ages. I'm not going to lie and say it hasn't been a challenge - our cats are confirmed junk food addicts. But, we know in the end the results will be a healthier skin, coat and gums; it will help us more easily manage their weight, and we hope the end result will be healthier, happier cats. When we were given the opportunity to try Instinct, we jumped at the chance.

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Vetting Your Cat Veterinarian

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We check the references of your personal physicians and we check the references of a person who does repairs on our home. We want to know their experience, their background, who recommends them and why they are recommended. Should we do any less for our cat's veterinarian?

When I researched how much feline behavior veterinarians received in their DVM curricula, I was unhappily surprised. Even in the best universities, most (few) classes were only possible for postgraduate work. You could get as much information on sugar gliders and goats as you could on your cats’ mental and emotional life.

Odd, that in a country where the most popular domestic pet is now the cat. Even stranger that the typical household has more than two cats on average...

Your cat is your fur-baby and it's almost certain that you would want someone well-versed in feline behavior, as well as physiognomy. This is about evaluating the practitioner, not the practice.

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