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Walking Your Cat: Enclosures vs Leashes

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Walking your cat is all the rage these days, and most animal behaviorists agree that it’s one of the more valuable activities you can do with your favorite four-legged feline friend.

While some cats are content to lie by the window and nap among sunbeams; others will throw themselves against the door, meow miserably against their containment, and dart outside the second someone slips through the front door. These are the cats that most benefit from controlled outdoor exploration.

Whether or not to take your cat for a walk can depend on everything from their breed to their temperament. Only you know for sure if your cat would appreciate an Outdoor Enclosure for Cats or a leashed walk through the neighborhood. And if you don’t know, just try both solutions – your cat will let you know which they prefer.

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The Behavior Express Tour 2012

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If you have a pet, he or she probably has a behavior that makes you a little crazy. Or worse, a problem that makes them crazy, resulting in a behavior issue. If you haven’t been able to afford a therapist for your four-legged friend, we have a solution that is free.

The goal of the Keep the L.O.V.E. Alive Behavior Express Tour 2012 is to raise awareness about, and help reduce, the number of pets that are being abandoned, relinquished or even euthanized due solely to behavior problems. The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists is co-sponsoring the tour with Ceva Animal Health (the makers of Feliway and Adaptil, D.A.P (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) to bring you the ultimate in behavioral assistance for your pets. The bus will travel 12,500 miles and stop in six cities for a free pet fair. Read on to learn when the bus will be in your city...

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Cat Agility: Teaching A Cat to Jump Through Hoops

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iCat Competition Cat

Cat agility, in its official competition form, has been around for nearly a decade. In October of 2003, Vickie Shields, along with a small group of friends, held the very first official cat agility competition, and the International Cat Agility Tournaments (ICAT) began. As with so many things that involve pets, cat agility grew quickly in popularity, and in February, 2005, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) held their first competition during the Oregon Cats show.

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How to Keep Feral Cats From Your Yard

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As most of us know, cats (both feral and domestic) can cause problems in a neighborhood. While we are huge advocates of keeping your pets indoors or controlled within a yard or outdoor enclosure, there are a number of people who do not share this sentiment.

Feral cats have a way of moving in and taking over a neighborhood, and that is the direct fault of irresponsible pet owners. But, you can help. It may be time to begin a Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) program in the neighborhood.

If that's not something you feel capable of doing, there are other things that may help and we have them listed below. These are simple fixes to keep any feral cat away from your front door, your yard, your garden or your car. You may need to try more than one solution.

No matter what you choose, remember that cats, and other domestic or feral animals, are protected by the law and intentionally injuring or killing one is a felony offense. Rather than go on the offensive, take the high road and help your neighborhood resolve the problem. There are many benefits to having feral cats around. They keep the rodent population at bay, they keep other cats from entering the neighborhood (when using an effective TNR program), and they are fun to watch. But, for those who don't want them around, here's your list of ways to keep them away:

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Feeding Individual Diets in Multi-Cat Households

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Today we had an interesting (and very difficult to answer) question from a reader who asked us how they can keep their “special diet” cat away from their other cats food. If you have more than one cat, or if you have cats and dogs, this is likely a problem you have faced more than once. No two cats are the same, and often their dietary needs are as individual as they are. It can be very challenging (and often impossible) to keep each feline on a specific feeding schedule and if separate diets are introduced, it can be nearly impossible. Obesity,  diabetes, and urinary diets present specialized challenges. So what’s a pet parent to do? Once again, technology steps in to fix this problem for us! Thanks to some forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and some creative search engine activity from the Pack Leader, we proudly present several solutions to our feline friends (be sure to check out the newly updated article Feeding Individual Diets in Multi-pet Homes)

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